10 reasons to have small breasts is great!

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Padded bras, a full array of push-ups or stuffing bras with tissues, you’ve probably eaten it when you were a teenager. You probably worried, wondering when they were finally going to get fat …

Yet you will keep them for your entire life.
But there is no reason to feel like a sub-woman. In fact there are even many reasons to enjoy having small breasts!

1. You have more fun in bed.

Despite what the porn industry wants to try to make us believe, small breasts actually have a big advantage in bed, it’s a fact. In fact, big breasts would be even 24% less sensitive than small breasts, according to researchers at the University of Vienna. Eh yes ! As there is less fat tissue covering them, they are much more sensitive and easier to stimulate for your partner.

2. They make you look younger.

Remember, when you were in high school, it made you feel more complex, but now that you’ve got a little older, it’s a big plus. And then wait a few more years: big breasts fall miserably when you start to grow old, the force of gravity doing its job. Small breasts, they remain proud and straight until the end!

3. They are firmer and will stay longer.

Brassieres, because they hold the chest artificially, may prevent muscle tissue from developing, suggests some health professionals. In the meantime, you do not need to wear it, so this problem does not concern you!

4. Shirt, buttons, no problems.

Do you know how hard it is to prevent your breasts from wanting to come out of your shirt anytime? Of course not, you have no idea. You have never had this problem and you will never have it.

5. You attract serious men.

Who might be interested in your little nénés? serious men, of course! A psychology study that asked a group of male individuals what breast size they preferred, reveals that women with large breasts usually attract poor types.

6. You attract well-fed men.

Still according to this psychological study, the researchers wanted to verify or invalidate the hypothesis that the size of the breasts can act as a “signal of fat reserves”, that is, that it refers unconsciously to men’s minds. guaranteed food security, and thus broad access to resources. Well the answer is yes! Full-bodied men were more attracted to small breasts, and hungry people more attracted to fat ones. So men interested only in food and your possible material resources will not bother you!

7. You have a better posture.

You can say thanks to your chest! Not only do you not suffer from back pain like most women with big breasts, but you also have a better posture, a back and a bust more upright: yes, since your breasts do not pull you down ! A pair of cups D can weigh between 6 and 10 pounds, a real burden. In addition to ruining the back of women prematurely, too big breasts are also a source of tension in the neck and migraines.

8. You are not alone.

Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow … Many women who are universally considered to be true sex symbols, have small breasts and are all petite … Why not you?

9. They keep you healthy

Good at this stage of reading, for sure, you start to like them, your little ones. But do you know that in addition to being really great, they can also save your life? Yes, women who have a mini-chest can more easily avoid breast cancer. The doctors say it: It is much easier to detect a tumor in small breasts by a self-inspection. It is true that it is rather logical when one thinks about it, does not prevent one underestimates always this advantage.

10. Summer has almost been invented for you.

Bustier, halter, halter, headbands … Any bikini top that you want to wear will fit you! Clothes and summer activities are just perfect for you. Cycling in a bikini, running on the beach in jersey, no problem for you, so enjoy!

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