10 signs that he is crazy in love with you!

he is crazy in love ? Tenderness, tolerance, involvement, … Some signs leave no doubt about the love that nourishes (or not) your guy for you.

he is crazy in love

1. he is crazy in love – He is gaga

At first, when we are in love, we become a little silly. We smile smugly, we laugh stupidly, we take soft voices like those of a baby, we pout, … In short, love is more powerful than the water of youth and it makes you to fall back into the carelessness of direct childhood. So, if when you had met him, he was playing with the man and now, sometimes, he has the sweetness of a child, it is that he is wonderfully good with you, on his little cloud of love all pink.

2. he is crazy in love – He is really interested in your life

If he talks a lot about him and does not let you put one, it’s dead. On the other hand, if he listens to you, asks you questions about your job, your friends, your family and gives you advice, you can count on him. Warning: its absence when you talk about your passion for the Bachelor or the super efficiency of the last buffer is not a sign of disenchantment. To talk about “girls”, you have your girlfriends.

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