10 signs that indicate that your vagina is in poor health!

It is well known: women, unlike men, must have perfect personal hygiene to avoid health problems, which can sometimes be very serious. A healthy vagina is characterized by a balanced level of acid and bacteria that help fight infections and restore the pH of the vaginal flora. It must be 4.5 and this acidity can protect the flora of all kinds of microbes or infections.

The vagina is known to secrete a liquid called vaginal mucosa in small amounts, just as for saliva in the mouth. The goal is to wash, clean and fight bad bacteria. To find out if your vagina is in good or bad health, we give you some symptoms and warning signs.

Symptoms :
Abnormal bleeding (other than menstruation)
Unpleasant odors
Secretions of liquid in large quantities
Inflammation, red color, and painful lining
Burning sensation and itching in the vagina and vulva
An abnormal vaginal dryness
Presence of small lesions
Bleeding during or following intercourse
To restore your vagina iron health, just follow and apply these tips to the letter:

1 – Avoid junk food, fast foods and anything that upsets the balance of your pH

Ban your eating habits completely junk food, sugars, fat, sodas and processed foods. These foods are enemies of your vagina and your health in general because they are the cause of the acid-base imbalance of the body. For example, sugar is one of the most acidifying foods.

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