10 signs that prove he’s crazy about you!

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You are never 100% sure that this guy is the right one, that he really loves you and that he also plans to make a living with you. Here are 10 signs that prove it is the one for you!

1. The base of the base glued to the glue and printed on your forehead: you are his girlfriend everyday, not a vulgar one-night shot he calls when he feels like it. Namely: are you the woman with whom he wants to spend his late evening? Or the one with whom he wants to spend all his days? He does other things with you, and more importantly, he is monogamous, and has no one but you in his life.

2. He worries about you: when you have no work, when you are sick, when your morale is low, he is there to comfort you and tell you that “tomorrow is another day”. You spend your nerves on him because he is the only person constantly with you and he does not say anything. A good guy what!

3. He trusts you: “Babe, I’m going to the restaurant with my keupines! – Ok, have fun tonight. This is the kind of response we would like to have. He has full confidence in you, he does not search your phone, he does not check your emails, he does not listen to your phone conversations. Honesty and trust are the watchwords in a couple.

4. He introduces you to his family AND his friends: he wants to introduce you to his friends as the one who made him capsize his heart. And most importantly, he wants you to return to his family and make you meet the only woman (s) who count in his life: his mother (and sisters).

5. He tells you that you are beautiful: even without makeup, even the day after a well-watered evening with your girlfriends, even waking up, even with a terrible flu, you are and you remain the most beautiful in his eyes.

6. It tidies and cleans up even when you’re not there: wake up guys, we’re in the 21st century and women are not good at cleaning! So yes, when we come home from work, that more transport is armored, we do not want to start mopping the floor. But when, after passing the landing, we see that the floor is clean and the dishes are tidy, we just like it more.

7. He proves to you that he wants to make a commitment: honey, see far away with you, be careful, we are not talking about what he plans to do with you next weekend. But rather next holidays, wedding and you are beautiful with a baby in your arms. All this shows how much he is doing projects with you, and not least!

8. He takes the time to discuss with you: you have just quarreled, it is not dramatic, unless he slammed the door when you raised your voice. A man who really loves you will take the time to talk, calmly and telling you that you do not have to talk to him that way. In the end, you will grow out of this dispute and you will be on the same wavelength.

9. He takes care of him: generally, when a man has conquered the heart of his beautiful, he lets himself go then. BIG MISTAKE. And you ? You would stop waxing, make yourself beautiful for him? No. We love when he surprises us when he wears a shirt when we have not decided to go out. We like to feel his soft skin after shaving. A man must continue to talk to seduce you every day.

10. He does not send text messages to his ex when he is drunk: everything is said.

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