10 signs that you met a real woman, not a girl.

Men are often spoken of, real, with hair on the chest and a hoarse voice. But know also that in life, there are girls .. and then there are women. The real ones. It’s not a question of age, contrary to what one might think – some women are younger than some girls. It’s certainly not a matter of belly, hips or lipstick, no. The difference is really in the way they act, think, live their lives.

Because women and girls see the world differently. They understand the world differently. And they interact with the world differently.

Here are some signs that should put you on the spot, to know if you’re dealing with a real woman … Or no.

1. Girls love to dress up with provocative clothes to look sexy – Women know they are desirable, no matter what clothes they wear.

Real women know that dressing provocatively is not the only way to look attractive and sexy. A woman does not need to show her buttocks to feel sexually desirable. She feels good about herself, confident, and no matter how she is dressed, she is aware of her charms. Quite simply.

2. Girls expect their men to guess how they feel, and what they think – Women use their own words.

They are aware that men can not read reading in thought (that would be known) and that they are generally bad enough to read between the lines. The girls think that their men should understand them, whatever happens, and that if they do not know how to follow their emotions, it is because they do not care enough about them. Women know the way men’s brains work, and do not hesitate to say their emotions loud and clear.

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