10 signs that your body needs water IMMEDIATELY, that people constantly ignore

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Water is an essential resource essential to life. Moreover, the body is made up mainly of water and can not survive without. In other words, dehydration of the body or even low water consumption can lead to fatal health problems. Discover 10 symptoms of dehydration that you should never ignore!

Why is water essential to life?

Without hydration, we can not ensure the functioning of the vital processes of the body. Indeed, the majority of organs are essentially composed of water, for example:

– The human body: about 70%

– The blood: about 80%

– The lungs: about 90%

– The heart: between 70% and 80%

– The brain: about 70%

– The muscles: between 70% and 75%

During breathing, sweating or urination, you regularly lose water. It is therefore imperative to consume enough to hydrate your body and ensure its proper functioning. Basically, you should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. If not, you increase the risk of certain diseases due to dehydration.

Here are the 10 most common symptoms of dehydration that you should not ignore:

1-Your urine is dark in color
When you do not consume the necessary amount of water daily, your urine may change color and become darker. This color indicates that your kidneys force you to excrete more waste, such as dead cells, toxins and proteins.

Dark colored urine can also occur because of certain medications or after the consumption of certain foods (beets, blackberries, food colors, asparagus …).

If the color of your urine stays dark despite the increase in your water intake, this can signal serious health problems such as hepatitis or gallstones.

2-You urinate less
Urinating between 6 and 7 times a day is completely normal. On the other hand, if you do not drink enough water, you will urinate less, as your body is dehydrated and does not have enough water to replace the evacuated fluids throughout the day.

Even though your kidneys will retain as much fluid as possible to prevent dehydration, you will still need to replenish a supply of water in your body by consuming the recommended amount of water per day.

3-You suffer from constipation
When you consume small amounts of water, you will be regularly susceptible to constipation. Indeed, water helps to soften the stool and facilitate intestinal transit, thus allowing better disposal of waste.

Remember that dehydration is not the only cause of constipation. A sedentary lifestyle, hypothyroidism or intestinal inflammation can be at its origin. Food allergies, anxiety or stress can also contribute to constipation.

If this persists even if you consume an optimal amount of water, it means that other causes are responsible.

4-Dry skin and wrinkles
Drinking plenty of water is the best way to hydrate the skin and improve its texture naturally. According to Dr. Jean-Loup Dervaux, assistant of the Hospitals of Paris and former head of clinic at the Faculty, for a luminous skin, young and silky, it is necessary to drink at least between 2 and 2.5 liters of water a day!

Instead of spending your agent on lotions and moisturizers, increase your daily water intake.

5-Weight gain
Sometimes the body can not distinguish between hunger and thirst! Indeed, the brain consists of a structure known as the “hypothalamus” that controls many behavioral functions such as hunger and thirst. This part of the brain can cause hunger while the body needs water, which will cause you to eat more and gain weight!

If you are hungry, try drinking water and wait for about 15 minutes before eating. If your hunger calms down, it indicates that you were thirsty.

6-You have dry mouth and a feeling of thirst
Are you thirsty and your mouth dry? You are probably subject to slight dehydration!

Having a dry mouth indicates that the mucous membranes require hydration … Just drink enough water to solve this problem.

Your brain is about 75% water and if you do not consume enough water, headaches can occur. Specifically, your body will absorb water from all your tissues, including those of the brain, to fill the lack of fluids. This process causes a drop in oxygen in the brain causing headaches and dizziness.

Water is essential to revitalize cells and tissues of the body. When dehydrated, you may have a constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. Because of low water consumption, blood flow decreases and the heart has to pump more and more blood to carry oxygen to the organs.

10 signs that your body needs water IMMEDIATELY, that people constantly ignore

9-Joint pain
The water you drink helps lubricate your joints. If you drink less than the recommended amount, you increase the risk of joint pain. So try to drink enough water to prevent them.

10-Dehydration weakens the immune system
Drinking water in low doses can increase blood toxicity. When toxins accumulate in large amounts in the bloodstream, it puts your immune system at risk making it weaker and more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Moisturize your body to flush out toxins and harmful waste and stay healthy.

Remember that your body is made up mostly of water, and that the reserves in it must be continually replenished. To avoid certain symptoms and health problems related to dehydration, the solution is simple: drink water!

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