10 Things to do for your wife when she has her period!

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Being menstruating or just having a period is usually not a pleasure. These regular bleeds that occur once a month and last from 3 to 7 days are a sign that the egg has not been fertilized and is therefore ejected through the uterus. To help women feel better during this period, we offer you, Gentlemen, a few things to adopt.

In response to the hormonal changes that occur in the body during this cycle, women typically present with various uncomfortable and painful symptoms. Sometimes irritable and even aggressive, they are often misunderstood by their male entourage who no longer knows which way to dance.

Here are 10 things you can do to help your wife, partner or friend feel better during this period of menstruation:

1. Try to understand how she feels during these few days
Obviously, a man will not be able to put himself in the shoes of a woman and assimilate what she experiences during her period.However, it is essential to begin by understanding that it is a rather difficult period which is accompanied by symptoms. embarrassing and painful, including: abdominal pain – which can range from simple discomfort to excruciating pain, – pain in the breasts, lower back and intimate part, headaches, anxiety, unexplained mood swings, but also depression, irritability, bloating, change of appetite, fatigue and persistent desire to sleep.

So, knowing that a woman has one or more of these symptoms, it goes without saying that one should show a little tolerance and compassion!

2. Remind him of his value to you
Irritated and very bad, what is more beneficial than compliments coming out of the heart to remind him of its value and its merits that you appreciate so much. These sweet words restore her self-confidence and soothe her foul mood.

3. Help with housework
Facing a stack of dishes in the sink or an overflowing laundry basket increases the level of stress. Helping him with this kind of housework will help him lighten the burden of daily worries and have some time to rest and recharge. So, charging the dishwasher or starting the washing machine would be welcome. And it is also valid every day, all year, as a reminder.

4. Reassure her
During this period of great hormonal upheaval, the woman tends to doubt herself and those around her. That is why, small tender gestures will reassure her and will have on her a soothing effect. To give him a massage, a hug or just to take his hand will allow him to feel a certain relaxation both physically and psychically.

5. Show her that she is still loved and desired
A happy woman is a woman who feels loved and desired. A call, a message or even an e-mail where you show her how much you care about her as a wife, partner or best friend, will have a miraculous effect on her state of mind in these moments of depression. She will be very grateful to you.

6. Do not show disgust at his condition
Do not act as if your period is nauseous (if so, check!). If she needs to talk about it, do not answer with a disgusted grimace like “Save me that and talk about it with your girlfriends”. She will interpret your reaction as a lack of interest in her.

7. Shopping (female)
It is also very important to respond favorably to her requests, so do not hesitate to go to the women’s department of the nearest supermarket to bring back her usual tampons or towels. A little more magazine in your basket and she will be thrilled to remind you that you think of her.

8. Cook for her
Because of this multi-day haemorrhage, the woman loses a lot of blood and nutrients over a relatively short period of time. That’s why she can become pale, tired and powerless. To concoct to him delicious and very nutritious dishes to make up for this lack and to give him a breath of energy would be of the greatest help to him!

9. Bet on chocolate!
If you want to pamper a woman, give her some chocolate. In addition to its strong and delicious taste, chocolate – preferably black – is a nutritious food and a natural antidepressant. During these delicate days of the month, the consumption of chocolate is very recommended because it satisfies the need to nibble and acts positively on the morale.

10. Do not judge her
Hormonal changes increase the female sensitivity and lose control of emotions. That’s why you see her on the verge of tears for everything and nothing. In this case, you must support it and avoid judging its excessive sensitivity if you do not want to overflow the vase!

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