11 secret dreams that reveal things about your life and your personality

secret dreams ? You’ve probably already woken up after a strange dream, convinced that he was a bearer of meaning. You were right, dreams do have meanings, and some reveal things about your life. The proof by 11.

secret dreams

Dreams have always been the subject of mysteries and fantasies for psychologists and psychoanalysts since the dawn of time, because it is so far a bottomless pit of interpretations. The scientific study of dreams is called onirology. Why study them? Because they could make you discover certain truths that you do not even suspect.

The matter of dreams …
Dreams are those pictorial manifestations that occur during sleep and result from self-simulation of the brain when it is detached from the real world. There are 5 types of human dreams: the creative dream, the lucid dream, the premonitory dream, the sexual dream and the nightmare. Some dreams are common to many people and can reveal many things about your life.

What do psychoanalysts say?
In psychoanalysis, the dream is perceived as an opening on the unconscious. As Freud points out, “the interpretation of dreams is the royal road to the unconscious”. Dreams would thus be hallucinatory achievements of desires repressed in the unconscious, that is to say that each of our dreams expresses a desire or a desire.

Here are 11 secret dreams that reveal things about you and your personality:

secret dreams – Boxes
Dreaming of boxes is commonplace. The presence of boxes in a dream usually means hope or disappointment. An empty box can make it clear that you will face small disappointments with someone around you, while a full box promises happy events, joys and new things in your life.

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