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Asked what attracts them in the first place in a man, women have had several decades (roughly since the sexual revolution of the 70years) to develop a response script now relatively well prowled.

First, hesitate (very important). Above all, do not convey the implicit message that tastes and preferences have been debated in endless girls’ nights, where they speak almost exclusively of boys, men and / or children ( according to the age group). Then quickly denigrate the plastic.

It would not be as vulgar as men and burn for, as Aznavour said, the line of a breast or the curve of a hip. Finally, reaffirm moral values ​​as a pillar of attraction, even excitement. Morale extended to the qualities of interest (love?) That these same men bring to them, since almost unanimously declined in kindness, humor, tenderness and empathy.

It is well known, the most requested women (and therefore the most desirable) are offered to nice men, soft and funny. Double feminine coquetry, wanting to see the world as it is behind the head, instead of seeing it as it is, and to believe its personal point of view universally.

And what pleases men then? Attention, I did not say to me in particular, but to men in general (sociology of male tastes).

1. Femininity

Be the noun of an infinite declination of attitudes whose unique common point is the opposite of masculinity. In reality, this gives a care taken to the preparation (a primed woman is never, never ugly, regardless of its weight, height and age objectives), a verbal fluency (oral, especially), a knowledge of the codes of the seduction, vulnerability (fake if necessary, etc.).

2. “Modernity”

In other words, the codes of beauty and lending changing with each generation as we have recently recalled several YouTube videos, the resemblance to the icons of beauty present in the male collective unconscious of the moment. Not those of 50 years ago.

3. Consistency

If the essence of femininity is to promise much without worrying about how to give, the man in the street is unable to read the psychological detours, emotional reversals and all the consequences that these two have on the attitude. of a woman in real time in the relationship.

4. The memory of titles and names

Nothing more deserotic than to discover an artistic nail on a deficient culture. Ladies, when you love a piece of music, an opera, a book or a painting, could you make an effort to interest yourself in the artist who gave birth to it? At least remember his name?

5. The logic

Many men (more than you think in any case) are open to the existence of esoteric logic (astrology, energy fields, feng shui, etc.). They are even the most often at the origin of these methods and movements of thought. But astrology as the one and only grid of reading of the world and events? Truly?

6. Outfits that crinkle

A primed woman, yes. Universally. But who refuses to follow you wherever it might hurt her dress? To go down with you in the pool because she would have to wash her hair again? The wind. At once.

7. A sense of humor

Not just laughing at our jokes, no. Do it too. This usually consists of reading life at two levels of interpretation, the first and second. Second degree which, if it is absent, buries automatically any desire of durable relation. Who can consciously wish to spend the rest of his life with a woman who will never, never once, laugh? And do not laugh, I know …

8. The surprises

Book a theater, a hotel, an airplane. And if you can not afford all that, buy pretty cards, put in one or two soft words with a trace of lipstick, and head for her mailbox. It’s not just texting and WhatsApp in life.

9. Let go with your best friend

We know that you have spent an average of 5,147 hours with her on the phone since high school, she knows the location of all your moles and the exact list of all your allergies, she misses you when you end up all alone in the bathroom and you hold your hand walking down the street because it reminds you of “the good time”, but pity, stop telling her our intimate life into its most sordid details, because the little smile she then displays at the table while looking at us makes us want to fuck her.

10. Be sexually inventive

Lying on your back in a submissive posture has never, never, ever fulfilled the function of “making love”. Know how to be provocative when needed and use intimacy to demonstrate creativity. Let go over a red bra strap, climb us on the couch or send us a hot (spontaneous) text message to the office, stating two or three of your desires. And if possible not always the same.

11. Invite, once in a while!

We are not in Russia, you have the right (and the ability) to pay an addition from time to time, we will not blame you.

12. Do not be cliché

If, like the author of the original article mentioned above (see introduction), you have spent most of your life fantasizing about – I quote, open quotation marks – “businessmen in costume who move in band and ride black sedan “, so do not be surprised that men fantasize of plastic surgery and photoshoped South American poufs, whose main activity is to choose the most provocative outfit possible to make selfies in front of the mirror of the bathroom and count the fans on Instagram. A cliché, shot and a half.

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