12 men reveal what the intimate parts of women taste according to them!

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12 men have agreed to reveal what they think women taste!

1. “It tastes the beach! It’s a good mix of salt, seaweed and some underwater life! It may sound bad said like that, but I LOVE the beach! ”

2. “The strawberry ice cream!”

3. “It tastes like the ham of Thanksgiving! Not just any ham, really, just the one of thanksgiving! Sometimes I even get pineapple! ”

4. “My girlfriend would be a billionaire if we could bottle her! It tastes like wine and grapes, almost like Sangria! ”

5. “She tastes the breath of a puppy! When a puppy is licking you in the face? That’s what it tastes! I love that.”

6. “My forearm! Yeah, I just licked it to see and that’s really what it tastes! Just skin and a little sweat. Nothing to go crazy, but nothing disturbing! ”

7. “It depends on where she is in her cycle! Usually, I would just say that it tastes salty, but when it’s in its week, it tastes the chopped liver! Which bothers me a bit. ”

8. “I know it’s cliché to say that it tastes seafood, but I managed to pinpoint the exact seafood that my girlfriend tastes! Butterfly shrimp in hot butter! That’s what she likes! Yum!”

9. “A coffee with orange zest. It’s accurate, but that’s it. ”

10. “Smoked salmon! But in a good way, there! ”

11. “Nothing at all! I know that my wife is a bit intense about hygiene, maybe she’s washing herself down to sterilizing the fork? I do not know, but it does not taste anything at all! ”

12. “The Tangerines! My girlfriend is the only girl I’ve ever been to bed with! “

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