12 Signs that he is not in love with you. You are deluding yourself

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You are not sure that your man is really in love with you? Do you feel that you are just a hobby for him, or a spare wheel? This feeling of insecurity and jealousy no longer leaves you? To help you see more clearly in a relationship where feelings are not yet clear and honest, here are 12 signs to be particularly careful!

12 signs that prove he is not in love with you:

1.It never opens emotionally to you
When you do not feel love for a person, you can not open your heart to him. Only men who are really sure of their feelings share their deepest thoughts with the person they love.

2.He is very close to you only when he wants to make love
To go under the sheets with you, he is ready to do everything for you. He becomes very sweet, cute and adorable, but once the game is over, he becomes distant and cold enough.

3.He is still in touch with his ex
If so, you are only a plan B for him. A man who is sure of his feelings towards you will probably not always be in touch with his ex. So, if your man can not break the bridges with his old sweetheart, it’s a relevant sign that he’s not really in love with you and he’s still thinking about her.

4.Sometimes you feel like a stranger to him
You can never feel calm and well-being with someone who does not make you feel that they really care about you. You always feel that your body is the only reason he spends time with you. Nothing you can say or do will be able to interest or disturb you.

5.He knows you only superficially
It just does not make any effort to get to know you really and at all levels. You should be very attentive to this sign because it is very revealing of the veracity of your partner’s feelings.

6.He always has excuses for everything
In truth, what you want does not really interest him. When you ask him to do something, to be at an appointment or to make an effort for you, he always finds excuses to shirk. He flees any kind of engagement with you, no matter how small.

7.He does not care about your relationship and his future
It’s just a game for him, and each game has a “final stage”. It’s just as simple as that. You must be aware of this to start acting on your side, because such a relationship can not last long, and it will cause you a lot of damage.

8.He never cares about you
It never gives you the attention, protection and support you need, because it does not make sense to you. Admittedly, it’s hard to accept if you’re really in love, but when it does, it’s time for you to look for another person who is worthy of your love and who will do anything to please you.

9.He spends more time with his friends than with you
He will certainly spend more time with his friends because he is more comfortable with them than with you. He can make a lot of plans for trips, hikes, or evenings with them, without inviting you or even talking to you about it.

10.He never gets involved in the moment
Tonight, you have everything planned to spend an unforgettable evening together: a romantic dinner, candles, soft music, and fine lingerie. But having seen all this, it remains marble and does not even bother to compliment you for your efforts. In this case, it is no longer worth wasting your time and energy with someone who does not appreciate your efforts.

11.He never introduced you to his family
Have you met his family? Of course not. This means that for him you are not worthy of this privilege. His parents and siblings do not have to be aware of a transient relationship. So, if after a few months together, he does not seem to feel the need to introduce you to his loved ones, it’s because he does not envisage a serious and long-term relationship with you.

12.You have a bad feeling
Indeed, in the aftermath, you surely feel the weird feeling that a lot of things are missing from your relationship and that it is not deep enough and fusional. So trust your sixth sense and put an end to this relationship that will probably leave you with a broken heart.

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