20 sources of pain in the body that are each directly related to specific emotional states

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Pain is an energy, a feeling, and a physical manifestation. The slightest pain in our body is related to a particular emotional state, and comes to alert us to what is wrong with our lives. Once we integrate these lessons, the pain disappears.


The body is particularly transparent when it comes to pain. The experiences of your life manifest directly in your body and when you experience emotional stress, your body shows you exactly what the problem is. The only thing you need to do is to know how to decode the pain when it occurs:

1. The pain in the muscles represents the flexibility we use in everyday life. It reveals whether we are flexible enough in our relationships at work, at home or with ourselves. So let yourself wear so that the pain fades.

2. Pain in the head: headaches limit decision-making. Migraines occur when we know what to do and do not take it. Make sure you take time each day to relax. Do something that will relieve this tension.

3. The pain in the neck indicates that you have difficulty forgiving others or yourself. If you have neck pain, think about things you love about yourself or others. Work consciously on forgiveness.

4. Gum pain: As with the neck, gum pain is related to decisions that you do not make or do not follow. Be clear in your goals, and go for it!

5. Shoulder pain may indicate that you are carrying an emotional burden, hence the expression “having broad shoulders”. Focus on the problems that you alone can solve and do not hesitate to delegate to those around you as soon as possible.

6. The stomach pain occurs when you have not digested, figuratively, something negative. The feeling of not being respected causes a feeling of hole in the stomach, and some sorrow.

7. The pain in the upper back indicates that you lack emotional support. You may feel unloved. If you are single, it might be time to meet someone.

8. The pain in the lower back. Low back pain can mean that you care too much about money or that you are lacking in affection. This may be an opportunity to ask for a salary increase, or consider a financial advisor to teach you how to better manage your money!

9. Sacral and coccyx pain. You could be sitting on a problem that needs to be solved …

10. The pain in your elbows has a lot to do with resistance to changes in your life. If your arms are stiff, it may mean that you are too stiff in your relationship to things. It may be time to dare to move things or at least let yourself go!

11. The pain in the arms. You wear something or someone as an emotional burden. It may be time to ask if it’s really worth it …

12. The pain in the hands. Hands symbolize the link to others, connecting. If you feel pain in your hand, it may mean that you are not reaching out enough to others. Try to make new friends, reconnect!

13. The pain in the hips. Painful hips could mean that you are too resistant to changes. You tend to put warnings as real barriers to decision-making. If you think about some great ideas, it’s time to decide.

14. Pain in the joints in general. Just like for the muscles, the pains in the joints represent the flexibility. Be open to new ways of thinking, to the lessons and experiences of life.

15. The knee pain. The knee, which can be understood as “I-we”, symbolizes our relationship to the other, submissive, aggressive or balanced. Knee pain indicates difficulty in bending, accepting things as they are. The tension can be related to the outside world as to oneself. The inside of the knee refers to community, work, friends; the outside of the knee is related to personal problems. Remember, you are only a human, a mere mortal. Do not let your ego dominate your life. Volunteering can be beneficial.

16. Toothache expresses the fact that you do not like your situation. Constantly rehashing this disgust, it affects your emotions on a daily basis. Remember that experiences go faster when you focus on their positive aspects.

17. The pain in the ankles shows that you do not have the right to pleasure. It may be time to become more indulgent towards yourself. Try to spice up your love life.

18. A pain that tires. To feel bored, to resist, not to give oneself the means to go forward. Listen to this little voice who asks “what is the next step? And pushes you towards a new experience.

19. Feet pain. When you are depressed, you may feel some pain in your feet. Too much negativity can manifest under your feet. Enjoy the small pleasures of life. Adopt a pet or find a new hobby, a new passion. Seek joy.

20. Unexplained pain in different parts of the body. The cell structure of the body is in constant renewal and during this process, we purge negative energies. The immune system and all the systems in the body are weakened. So while the body is hurting and may seem in a state of illness, it is actually in a state of compensation. Do not panic, it will pass!

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