25 small signs that prove that he gets you (serious)

Determining if someone appreciates us can be very difficult. And getting into a flirtation without knowing if the attraction is reciprocal is a risky operation. To be able to decipher the behavior of your crush and find out if you like it, here is the list of 25 signs that show that he is interested.

You met him at a party with friends and find that he looks at you a lot? You met this guy on a dating site, but you do not know if he wants to follow up after the first date? Your colleague invites you for a drink, but you wonder if it’s a “date” or a business meeting? In order not to get lost and to know if he would like to go to the next level, here are some signs that prove YES, you like him.

1- He looks at you a lot

Often unconsciously, we can not help but repeatedly look at people we find attractive. If he does not stop fixing you (and even in a discreet way), you have your first clue.

2- His pupils dilate

According to Pattti Wood, an expert in body language, dilated pupils indicate that one looks at someone with desire. This is a brain response that occurs if you like or are attracted to something. A detail yes, but significant.

3- He asks questions

“You have brothers and sisters ?” “What place do you live in?” We are curious when someone interests us. If he asks many questions, he wants to get to know you.

4- He is creative

He does not just offer you a bite to eat at the local restaurant. Exhibitions, concerts … He absolutely tries to amaze you with a fun and exciting activity.

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