3 Signs of cervical cancer that should not be ignored

Cervical cancer is a tumor that develops in the cells of the cervix. This type of cancer is ranked 2nd among the most prevalent female cancers in the world. According to WHO, a woman dies of uterine cancer every two minutes.

cervical cancer

On the other hand, several doctors have revealed that nearly 90% of patients diagnosed with cervical cancer develop certain symptoms that should not be neglected.

cervical cancer – How does the disease manifest itself?

The early stages of the disease are asymptomatic; that is, the symptoms do not manifest themselves. Nevertheless, some doctors have revealed that the first symptoms that indicate that the disease is at an advanced stage are:

1. cervical cancer – Pains in the legs

In the early stages of the disease, some women experience leg pain and swelling. Following the first phases, the cervix is ​​also swollen and can impede blood flow. This causes swelling and pain in the legs.

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