4 exercises to have concrete abs in 4 weeks!

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Do you dream of a flat stomach with concrete abs?

It is possible with a minimum of physical exercise and a balanced diet! The following 4 exercises will help you target the muscles of the abdominal area! Remember that to lose weight you must also eat healthy and move! So go walking, running, cycling, dancing … in addition to these exercises if your goal is also to lose weight!

For these exercises use a gym mat rug, appropriate clothing in which you can move and sweat and opt for comfortable sneakers.

The board

The sideboard (to be done on both sides each time)

The backboard

The board with arms outstretched

Week 1:

Each day, hold each exercise 20 seconds each day with 1 day of rest in the week

Week 2:

Same but go to 30 seconds

Week 3:

Go to 45 seconds

 4 exercises to have concrete abs in 4 weeks


Week 4:

You are there, 1 minute each exercise each day with 1 day of rest in the week!

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