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Discover several combinations of foods to lose weight easily and eliminate the extra pounds.

Losing weight is always a challenge because of the changes in eating habits that you need in your daily life.

The first step is always to organize foods to choose the ones that will be best for your diet. In addition, you can select the products you prefer from among the healthiest and most balanced.

Fortunately, losing weight by following a healthy and balanced diet is quite possible. For this reason, today in this article we offer several combinations of foods that will help you lose weight easily.

You will discover that eating healthy and losing pounds are not incompatible concepts. The good news is that these food combinations help speed up metabolism and reduce fat. Try to include them in your daily diet. Replace these foods gradually instead of consuming fat, commercial and less recommended products.

Remember that the combinations of foods we recommend to help you lose weight can not work alone. If you do not eat a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables at the same time, the results will be different.

Chicken and chilli to lose weight

The first of the food combinations to lose weight easily is to mix protein with a spicy touch. For this, we chose a white meat and lean chicken with chilli. The chicken will satisfy you while providing you with the amount of protein your body needs. In addition, a small portion of chicken will promote muscle creation.

To really avoid gaining weight, go for the leanest pieces of chicken. The ideal is the chicken breast, but you can also choose a leg or a dough. One tip, if you choose a little fat chicken pieces, try removing the skin and the small fat deposits.

To begin, we offer you this ideal mixture of chicken with chilli that will help you burn fat. The chilli contains capsaicin, a compound that helps activate the body. These types of foods speed up the burning of fats and provide antioxidants.

In case you do not particularly like eating very spicy foods, simply add a seedless pepper to your preparations. This ingredient will give a little flavor to your dishes and will bring you all the benefits associated with this mix without being too spicy.

A good option is to sprinkle a chicken breast with a touch of chilli, salt and lemon and roast. The taste is very special but just as delicious and this mixture of foods will make you lose weight.

Avocado with cayenne pepper to lose weight

Avocado with cayenne pepper

The second of the food combinations that will help you lose weight easily is perfect for a quick and light lunch. We propose to you, a toast of avocado on bread of whole wheat seasoned with pepper of Cayenne.

In recent years, avocado is increasingly consumed because it is rich in healthy fats that protect your arteries. Avocado contains healthy properties for the body and helps to lose weight.

On the other hand, whole wheat bread will also help you lose weight because it contains more fiber than normal bread. In addition, it will satisfy you much longer. Just make sure it is really complete because several commercial versions do not guarantee this quality. For this, check the label and avoid products whose ingredients contain refined flours and sugars.

In addition, cayenne pepper also contains capsaicin, which offers the same benefits as black pepper. Pepper is perfect for anyone who intends to lose a few extra pounds. Indeed, one of the active components of pepper is piperine. This molecule gives pepper its taste and prevents the formation of new fat cells.

We recommend that you do not exceed the recommended amount as it may be too palatable.

The benefits of avocado to lose weight

Although for a long time the avocado had a bad reputation because of its high calorie and fat intake, it is currently considered one of the most complete and healthy foods that can be added to its diet.

The avocado is recommended to control cholesterol levels, to easily reach the feeling of satiety thanks to its high fiber content, and to fight constipation. It also has detoxifying properties that help control blood sugar levels.

Apple with cinnamon to lose weight

For afternoon cravings when you want to eat something creamy, try this option. The third of the food combinations to lose weight easily is a classic. It’s about mixing an apple with peanut butter and cinnamon powder.

Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fats. The advantage of these fats is that they will satisfy you with very little quantity. In addition, they also contain polyunsaturated fats that regulate insulin in the body.

For its part, the apple provides fiber that will help eliminate fat accumulated in the area of ​​the abdomen. Apples also provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that strengthen your body.

On the other hand, cinnamon contains polyphenols that stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent glucose rises. It also promotes the burning of fat thanks to a compound called cinnamal aldehyde, which gives it its characteristic flavor.

Although this combination has great benefits for the body, it is recommended not to consume too much. In addition, check the peanut butter label to make sure it is free of sodium and extra chemicals.

The benefits of cinnamon to lose weight

Ceylon cinnamon is an excellent spice to regulate blood sugar levels, promote digestion and stimulate metabolism to lose weight. It is an extraordinary source of polyphenols, antioxidants and minerals such as manganese, calcium, iron and dietary fiber.

This is possible thanks to its cinnamtannin B1 compound, which stimulates insulin receptors and inhibits an enzyme that makes them inactive. This increases the cells’ ability to use glucose. The benefits of cinnamon for treating type 2 diabetes are well known. If eaten on an empty stomach and after each meal, it acts as a stimulator to reduce glucose levels in the blood.

Green tea with mint and lemon to lose weight

Green tea with mint

Do you usually drink coffee every morning? If you do not do it yet, we suggest you opt for the fourth of the food combinations that will help you lose weight easily.

Green tea is one of the favorite drinks for people looking for a healthy lifestyle but also losing weight. This is because it is rich in antioxidants and promotes overall health. What you may not know is that green tea also helps burn fat and improves cell quality.

We suggest you drink mint green tea and add a few drops of lemon. When you add a few drops of lemon to green tea, you accelerate the effect of weight loss by polyphenols and pectin. The function of mint is to reduce appetite and fill you up.

Benefits of green tea for losing weight

Green tea is one of many diets to lose weight because it increases body temperature. In addition, it activates the metabolism and increases energy expenditure by burning fat. To achieve this effect, it is advisable to drink a liter of green tea during the day, cold or hot.

On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, green tea is also diuretic. This property is usually used in the treatment of obesity. It increases urination in patients with kidney problems, eliminates accumulated body fluid, prevents kidney stones and prevents fluid retention.

Green tea also lowers cholesterol levels, but it also has positive effects on our blood system. For example, it tones the heart, it protects against angina pectoris or myocardial infarction, and it thins the blood.

Which combination of foods do you prefer? What other mix are you used to consume or recommend?

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Dieting does not mean suffering. It is an idea that we have mistakenly acquired and which continues from generation to generation. The good news is that we can lose weight without being hungry, without fear of “rebound effect” and without feeling depressed, moody or angry. Although it may seem like a contradiction, to lose weight without suffering we must not follow a diet. The secret is to learn how to eat properly and increase the consumption of healthy, nutritious foods. Discover today in this article the best diets to lose weight without suffering.


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