4 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Have Sex Nearly Every Day

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Falling pregnant has become the source of disgust for most women today, but fortunately still conceive of it as a blessing and a gift from God. Motherhood is an execrable condition for feminists who equate this with animal pregnancy and that is why they refuse to become pregnant. However, what about sexual intercourse during this period?

In spite of the fact that a woman conceives the period of pregnancy as a blessing, they continue to refuse their husbands under the pretext of tradition on the one hand and the mere disgust of another. Carrying a child for nine months can be stressful and that is why men should be understanding to help the woman overcome this ordeal.

Sex during pregnancy:

If you have a good pregnancy, you can have sex until you start work. Talk to your gynecologist first if you have problems with your pregnancy, such as bleeding, or have had a miscarriage.

You must know that your body, during pregnancy, undergoes upheavals that will obviously affect your sex life.

Most women naively believe that having sex during pregnancy would be uncomfortable or inappropriate for the fetus. Relax, because not only is it not true, but having sex during pregnancy is the best thing you could do to relax and strengthen the vaginal muscles that will extract the baby.

To convince you definitely, here are 4 reasons why you must get used to making love despite your pregnancy …

Here are the 4 REASONS for which women should have sex ALMOST every day:

First, it will lower your blood pressure. The hormone of love, or passion that is released during intercourse, is called oxytocin, whose valuable help is relieving you of your stress. In this way, the level of your blood pressure will always be regular to ensure a good prevention of the risk of heart attacks.
It will keep you more comfortable during the night and allow you to sleep better. Of course, every pregnant woman goes through a process of destabilization, back pain and difficulty in finding the right sleeping position, so the fetus could develop poorly inside your bowels if you sleep very badly. That’s why having regular sex during your pregnancy is great for getting back to sleep.
As we mentioned earlier, having sex during pregnancy is a practice that most women prefer to flee or avoid. But in fact, indulging in a little romance and enjoying the flesh with your partner increases the feeling of complicity and merges your intimacies to better communicate easily. You will never be so close to your spouse if you run away during your pregnancy.
Finally, having sex almost regularly, you can reduce your pain. Again, hormones are involved here: Estrogen, progesterone and prolactin allow blood to flow into the vagina and pelvic region to increase the sensitivity to lubrication and decrease, therefore , the feelings of pain.

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