4 things that crack a man right now, now!

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As a woman, you must know what makes you crack in a man: his smile, his sincerity, his commitment, his look … So when one of them really pleases you, you try to seduce him to live with him an endless love story.

Sometimes this technique pays off and sometimes not at all. How to explain it? Question of feeling or chance of the calendar, your handsome man preferred to ignore your signals of seduction and you remained on your hunger. To prevent a new failure, Esprit & Santé gives you in this article the things that usually make a man crack. If a male representative reads us, do not hesitate to tell us in comment what drives him mad at a woman’s house. !


Spontaneity is at the top of our list! Indeed, men love women who laugh freely and have a certain sense of humor … Good for you since you usually force yourself to suppress your joy of life and your curiosity when you meet a man for the first time time. As long as you avoid gritty jokes and overly intrusive questions, you can let your laugh burst as many times as you like. Men tend to fall in love with happy women … You have been warned.


It’s not important that you’re slim or round … As long as you fully assume your body and play it, your attitude will inevitably seduce men. A male representative will never understand your dislike for your curves (buttocks, breasts, thighs …). As long as you know how to enhance yourself and move with confidence, he will only see fire. You find your behind raplapla or too bulging? What does it matter! It’s your body, love it!


“Be beautiful and shut up! Is a myth. And besides, even if stupidity seduced men, you should not bend to this absurd criterion. You are intelligent, cultivated and have a sense of responsiveness developed enough … Do not hesitate to “flaunt” your good spirit when you flirt with a man. The latter will appreciate your convenience and engage in a more serious discussion with you. When it comes to love, you must as much seek to seduce your heart as your body. These are the two criteria that will allow you both to build a lasting relationship.


The biting remarks, the foolish and venomous remarks will not help you crack a man. The representatives of the male flee like the plague the bad languages. Some would say that they are even castrating enough. If you think that breaking sugar on the back of your common knowledge will help you to get into his little papers, stop! On the contrary, to seduce a man, show gentleness and reveal all the cute, vulnerable, feminine and awkward aspects of your personality. What you consider defects are all good points in the eyes of a man. So play it to crack it!

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