5 male body signals to which you must be extremely vigilant!

male body signals ? Everyone knows that body language is the mirror of our thoughts and intentions. Complicated to decipher, you must do a real job of observation to detect the emotions of your loved ones. Without certain information, it will be difficult if not impossible for you to decode these everyday gestures that betray everyone’s feelings. If your darling is of the reserved kind, it will be very difficult for you to express your love and admiration verbally. Also, when it comes to an upcoming separation, there are gestures precursors still need to be able to identify them.

male body signals

Here are 5 male body signals to which you must be extremely vigilant!

male body signals – HAIR

If your darling has a habit of touching your hair, it means he wants to commune with your soul, however imperfect it may be. He admires each of your weaknesses and your strengths, your faults and your qualities, he is even in love with what he sees, this real image of you and not the idea he has of you. This may be a gesture of attention, especially if he puts one of your locks behind his ear or if he tries to arrange your hair that the wind has taken care to ruffle.

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