5 signs that show that your man is jealous

Your man is the perfect lover: romantic, gallant, beautiful as a god, creative … In short, all that a normal girl could dream! In spite of all these qualities, there is one defect that exasperates you: its unhealthy jealousy. Learn to identify warning signs, to better understand the situation.

1 / He hates your girls’ parties

The idea of ​​imagining a second alone, without him, in a nightclub gives him pimples? It is a sign that does not deceive, your Apollo is indeed jealous. Explain to him calmly that you need to meet from time to time between friends, like what he does, every Friday over a beer with Nico and Seb … Where is the parity? No but !

2 / It criticizes your wardrobe

Your Jules gets involved in your wardrobe? He always finds something to say about your cleavage, your high heels or the height of your skirt? Do not give in, and remind him that if you dress, it is above all for you, and not for others! And incidentally, to please him too. Restore that he should be proud that you are so eyeing, if that is the case, because it is on him that you have set your heart after all!

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