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In life, you may experience situations that may upset you and put you in worrying and frightening postures that will cause you emotional stress. The mental exhaustion may be due to several reasons, such as family problems or exhaustion at work. Many painful situations may not leave a physical impact on you but they will damage you psychically and emotionally without you paying attention. Mind & Healty therefore decides today to unveil the signs that prove that you suffer from exhaustion and emotional stress and the best remedies to reduce their impact on your everyday life!

Sleep disorders
The first sign and clue that you suffer from emotional stress is the disruption of your sleep. When your brain can not manage your abundant thoughts and struggles to concentrate, it causes you a shallow sleep that leads to mental and physical exhaustion. A deep and continuous sleep is very important for your mental health and for the smooth running of your daily activities. If you suffer from sleep disturbances, get used to taking herbal teas to relax and help your brain to relax so you can manage your stress and guarantee you a quality sleep.

Lately you are easily angry, you can not manage your emotions and you are destabilized by the events and situations around you. Your stress disrupts your life and puts you out of it, know that anger and lack of patience will only make things worse and you will lose a lot of energy. Whenever you feel in a stressful situation that can upset you, consider taking a few minutes to breathe and think before acting, it will allow you to better manage your life and it will diminish your emotional exhaustion.

Going to the bathroom unceasingly
You notice that you start going to the toilet continually whether it is to pee or because you have diarrhea, know that your discomfort may be due to your emotional stress. Your body is malfunctioning and starts to have abnormal reactions because it focuses all of its energy on your nervous system that is constantly functioning. Start drinking plenty of water and eating healthy so that your body does not suffer from dryness and try a relaxing activity such as yoga, walking or cycling that will regulate your heart rate and free you from mental exhaustion.

Rules disorders
You notice that your periods are becoming less regular, you do not know the reason and you start worrying even more. If you go through a bad time and you are experiencing stressful situations, the disruption of your cycle may be due to this. Emotional stress also affects your hormones and makes your periods much less abundant especially if your diet is not healthy or if you suffer from a lack of appetite. Get used to taking supplements to compensate for your lack of nutrition.

The most common sign in people who suffer from emotional exhaustion or stress is weight loss. Pressure and anguish impact your intestines and prevent you from eating enough. So you will see a remarkable weight loss and a chronic decrease in tension. Pay attention to your diet and try to practice a sport to eat better.

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