5 typically male lies that you must be wary of!

male lies ? Men often lie to their girlfriends. Yet hacks, lies are some of the things that can lead a couple to break up. Trust is a major element in any romantic relationship. Unfortunately, men tend to lie for everything and anything. They do it to please, not to hurt their wives, for fear, for lack of confidence or even for simple envy. Have you ever wondered what are the most common lies among men? To help you spot the lies that you must be wary of, Esprit & Santé invites you to read the rest of this article.

male lies : ” I AM SINGLE “

This is obviously not a generality, but some men lie about their marital status and claim not to have a wife, girlfriend or even children. In fact, they are already engaged and may have already started a family. To avoid falling into this hackneyed trap, do your little investigation before believing your new conquest on parole.

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