5 Ways to stop absorbing the negative energy of people

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Nothing is more depressing than being surrounded by negative people, who yearn for your (good) energy! To counter this harmful energy field, here are 5 ways to no longer be absorbed and stop these bad waves! Explanations.

The plaintive and negative people: energy vacuum cleaners that must be stopped!

How many times did you feel exhausted or emptied after the long monologue of a depressed and whiny person who spent three hours complaining about his daily worries? And yes, it has all happened to us at least once to be confronted by someone who sees everything in black.

Moreover, an American study published in Psychological Science recently proved that depressed people would be less receptive to colors! Indeed, it seems that people under the influence of intense negative emotion have more difficulty in determining certain colors (especially blue-yellow) because of the lack of dopamine. This happiness hormone also plays an important role in the retina especially in the perception of colors of the blue-yellow axis.

Of course, we sometimes feel compassion and even empathy because we can feel the pain and emotions of the person in front of us, as if they were ours. It’s totally human. Only, we absorb the energy of people around us, which can have a physical, mental and spiritual impact … It is natural to provide emotional support to people who are close to us, but we must also know how to protect ourselves from people who abuse our listening.

Here are 5 ways to stop absorbing negative energy

1. Learn to have distance

People who constantly complain are true aspirators of positive energy! We must try to keep them at a distance without ignoring or showing indifference to their ills. It’s important to be there for the people who need us, but at some point, you have to know how to protect yourself. This tendency to be “affected” by the worries of others is also revealing of others’ perception of yourself (mirror effect). The more you feel affected by the “what do you say”, the more you will feel “dependent” on the compliments of others because you want everyone to think of the good of you and your actions …

You must know that everyone is not like you and everyone can not become like you! Learn to love yourself first and stay away from people who do not want you (always) good.

2. Keep “vampires” at bay!

We all know about our “vampires” with emotions, who suck our vital energy to transform us into depressed zombies … This type of profile is very strong to draw from you the forces it needs and then leave you in a state worse than theirs! These people will always be the first to knock on your door when they need a listening ear to recharge their batteries (and empty yours!) And may not be available when you need help . Remember that your role is not to solve the problems of others. If these people are not able to help themselves, you do not have to carry that burden for them.

3. Know how to say NO

Learn to set your limits. Of course, saying NO to someone is considered rude but you do not have to justify that choice to the person in front of you. If you do not feel respected, stand up to impose respect.

4. Know how to take time

It is important to know how to give time for yourself, far from everyone. This way you can focus better on your own thoughts and desires. From simple gestures to sleeping in bed to listen to your inner voice, lounging in a relaxing bath or simply walking in nature … You have to focus moments of reconnection with yourself. You will realize that at the scale of the universe, we are only a small grain of sand and that life continues always, with or without the problems that we meet every day.

5. Take responsibility

You are the only person responsible for your emotions and how you feel. When you take responsibility for your emotions, you will free yourself from the influence that others may have on you. In this way, you will gain in emotional strength, be more enduring, improve your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem (self-esteem).

Learn to be positive everyday. When you have negative thoughts, learn to let them go. And note that a simple scream can be the best remedy for chasing a negative emotion.

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