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Yoga exercises are an excellent supplement for losing weight and toning muscles. In fact, they can be practiced perfectly as an alternative to traditional daily workouts.

Yoga exercises to lose weight have become one of the favorite alternatives for people struggling with overweight. Although it is necessary to adopt other measures to eliminate these “extra” pounds, this type of activity is very beneficial.

In fact, some people prefer yoga exercises to traditional physical training because it helps burn fat and strengthen muscles at the same time. In addition, they improve emotional well-being and help control the anxiety that leads to overeating.

Yoga is also recommended to take care of one’s mind. One of the main reasons people appreciate yoga is that in the society we live in today, stress, anxiety and depression are more and more commonplace. To face all this, we must look for solutions that help us improve our quality of life.

The best thing about yoga is that it can be practiced from any place, since it brings together a series of poitions that take up little space and are easy to perform. Have you ever tried before?

Today we share with you in this article 5 interesting options for you to start in this discipline.

Discover the yoga positions that will allow you to lose weight smoothly.

Position of the camel


The camel position also called ustrasana is a complete yoga exercise to lose weight and tone your entire body. It is especially recommended to reduce the abdominal size because this area of the body works in a special way.

How to achieve this position?

  • Kneel on the yoga mat with your back straight. Make sure your knees are well separated at hip width.
  • Step on your toes so that your feet are slightly raised from the mat.
  • Then, stretch your arms forward and stretch your body back.
  • Hold for 10 or 15 seconds, keeping the abdomen contracted.
  • Return to the original position by expelling the air slowly.
  • Perform between 3 and 6 repetitions.

Cobra position

The position of the cobra especially strengthens the muscles of the lower back and the abdomen. In addition, this position is recommended to reaffirm the buttocks and reduce the accumulation of fat in the hips.

How to achieve this position?

  • Lie down face down on the yoga mat, resting on your abdomen with your legs stretched out.
  • Put your palms next to your chest and lift the top of your body.
  • Retreat as far as possible and look ahead.
  • Hold 10 seconds in this position and relax.
  • Perform between 5 and 8 repetitions.

Position of the warrior


The Warrior’s position is a yoga exercise to lose weight which, among other things, increases the capacity of your lungs. Thanks to its practice, this position makes it possible to work at the same time the abdominal muscles, the legs and the buttocks.

How to achieve this position?

  • Stand on the floor and separate your legs.
  • Turn the right leg to the right and keep the left leg in front, at a 90 degree angle.
  • Raise your hands on the ceiling and stretch them as far as possible. Join the palms of your hands together in a prayerful position and look up.
  • Inhale deeply, relax and repeat this practice with the opposite side.
  • Perform between 10 and 12 repetitions.

Position of the clamp

This clamp position is one of the best yoga positions for weight loss, especially when the goal is to fight abdominal fat. This position is very easy to achieve, although it requires a bit of physical strength and flexibility.

How to achieve this position?

  • Sit on the carpet, your back straight and your legs straight.
  • Exhale and bend the body forward, trying to touch the toes with your hands.
  • Try to grasp the toes and rest the forehead on the calves or on the knees.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and rest.
  • Try to complete 8 or 10 repetitions.

Position of the bow

To complete this simple series of yoga exercises to lose weight, we recommend the classic posture of the bow.

It is an activity of flexibility and concentration that allows you to burn fat and strengthen your buttocks. In addition, it offers more stability to the spine and reduces back pain.

How to achieve this position?

  • Bend over the carpet with your abdomen and bend your legs back.
  • Try to lift your legs from behind to form an arch.
  • Lift your upper body and look in front of you.
  • Then, extend your arms back and try to grab your legs with your hands.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply and hold this position of the bow for at least 10 seconds.
  • Rest and perform 5 repetitions.

Are you trying to lose weight and still do not exercise? If you do not want to follow a gym program, opt for these interesting yoga postures. Although at the beginning you may have doubts about how to master them, little by little you will increase flexibility and resistance.

Yoga has become an indispensable practice for many people. They seek well-being at all levels, physical and mental, to enjoy life more and feel better about themselves. Feel free to start practicing yoga at home and you’ll notice the results very quickly.

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