6 female act that men love

female act that men love ? As a couple, everyone has an approach and habits that the other must understand and accept. Some spontaneous gestures can be misinterpreted, thus sources of conflict. In this article, we will focus on behaviors that men love!

female act that men love

A question of culture or education, women often believe that men are stony hearts and that signs of affection, especially expressed in public, annoy them and make them feel uncomfortable. Yet under this shell, men need love, tenderness and affection. Moreover, it takes a few gentle gestures to surrender the weapons and let themselves be overwhelmed by their emotions. Here are 6 behaviors that men love in their partners.

1 – female act that men love : She puts her head on the chest of her darling

This spontaneous and affectionate gesture is very appreciated by the man, because it highlights its protective side, which gives to his partner a feeling of security and serenity. This contact also expresses the woman’s need to have a male presence that reassures and comforts her whenever she needs it.

2 – female act that men love : She plays with her hair while driving

This light touch brings a great feeling of calm and emotional satisfaction to the man. Not only do these caresses on her neck and scalp lead to the secretion of oxytocin (happiness hormone), but they are also perceived as a spontaneous expression of love and need for physical contact.

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