6 feminine imperfections that men find absolutely sexy!

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Well, these are not really imperfections! In truth, these are physical attributes that often make women complex.
In order to show you that these complexes have no place to be, Red Raspberry reveals what men think. If your sweetheart is willing to love “your imperfections” and find them very sexy, why continue to feel bad about yourself? Without further ado, discover your complexes through the eyes of men!


You hate your curly hair and always wake up in advance to smooth it out. Your curly hair gives character to your face. It is part of your personality and appearance just like your clothes or the color of your eyes. Men love your curly hair because they make you look like a passionate little wild woman.


Small women are known for being extremely cute and crisp. While you curse this body that forces you to serve you too punctually with a stool, men fantasize about the myth of prince charming who flies to the rescue of the girl in distress. Do not hesitate to ask the help of your man to catch an object, he will do it with pleasure.


Some women have more stretch marks than others. Remains of pregnancy, express growth or overweight problems, these traces trace the life of a woman. They must not, under any circumstances, be transformed into symbols of shame or malaise. If you do not pay attention to your stretch marks, your man will only see fire and understand that you love your body and assume it as “imperfect” as it is.


This is the fantasy of the sexy secretary who resurfaces. Men find women with glasses extremely attractive. Why ? Because they look more naughty, smarter, sexier and their eyes are much better highlighted. Their strict air makes them want to tease them.


Do not try to laugh in a precious way, let your joy fade spontaneously. A woman is so much sexier when she relaxes and shows herself as she truly is. Laughter is reflected in the look. If you stop laughing, your discomfort will be instantly apparent. A recent study has shown that men fall more easily into good-looking and good-looking women.


Cheeks that turn pink, eyelashes fluttering, eyes looking down and the embarrassed smile on your face. Men find shy women very sexy. They make them feel more fragile, softer and more vulnerable. They want to be protective of them.

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