6 signs that your guardian angel is trying to contact you

guardian angel ? When life is hard on us and we have the impression that the world is fighting against us, we usually seek refuge with those dearest to our hearts. Parents, spouses, friends, or others, they give us hope and advise us to find a way out of our impasse. Moreover, even if one of these dear ones leaves this world, he always watches over us and guides us. Discover the 6 signs that show your guardian angel is trying to get in touch with you.

guardian angel

Have you ever felt positive waves that penetrate you and give you hope when you are completely depressed and hopeless? Some people are unaware of their origin, but others more spiritual, know that it is their guardian angel who visited them.

6 signs that your guardian angel wants to contact you:

guardian angel : A change in ambient temperature

If you feel a sudden change in the temperature of the room where you are, this may be due to the visit of your guardian angel. Some people feel a strange but pleasant thrill, which is nothing like fear or cold, while others feel enveloped by a reassuring warmth that can be accompanied by a slight caress in the back or of the shoulder.

guardian angel : Pleasant and soothing smells

Odors are also an indicator of the presence of a guardian angel near you. You can smell a sweet and pleasant smell that comes from nowhere, and that all the space where you are, as you can feel a familiar scent that reminds you of someone you cherish.

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