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If you practice these facial exercises every day, you can tone your skin and avoid the flaccidity that appears over time. Fill them with a diet and plenty of water.

To maintain a youthful, imperfections-free face, the cosmetics industry has designed a wide variety of treatments that aim to minimize the damage caused by free radicals and provide them with appropriate nutrition.

However, while many offer good results, they do not work alone and require a global attitude to achieve good results.

Thus, a series of facial exercises became popular, which act as a complement to daily care and nutrition.

They help work the facial muscles to tone them up more and eliminate flaccidity.

In this article, we want to share with you the top 7 so you do not hesitate to include them in your daily beauty program.

Exercises for the cheeks


The continued practice of these exercises for the cheeks helps to tone and increase the elasticity of the skin.

How to realize them?

  • Inhale and inflate the cheeks with air, then give them a few small strokes with the fingertips.
  • Try to keep the tension for 8 seconds and release the air slowly.
  • You can also twist the lips, first on the right side and then on the left side.
  • You need to make sure that both movements include cheekbone tension for good effects.

Exercises for the eye contour

Doing exercises for the eye contour is fundamental to relieve flabby eyebrows and minimize “goose pasta”.

Their continuous practice keeps the skin taut and prevents the development of fine wrinkles and sagging skin.

How to do them?

  • Form circles with indexes and thumbs, as if you were drawing glasses on your face.
  • Put them around the eyes and use them to stretch the skin up and down.
  • Blink 20 times without stopping the skin, support for a few seconds and relax.
  • You can also put the indexes on each eyelid and apply downward pressure.
  • During this time, try to raise the eyebrows, relax and repeat 15 times to avoid the flaccidity of the upper eyebrows.

Exercises for the contour of the mouth


Since the skin of the contour of the mouth is thinner than the other parts of the body, it is normal that it deteriorates because of its lack of care and exercises.

With this simple activity, it is possible to tone it naturally, completing the effects of anti-wrinkle creams to perfection.

How to do ?

  • Open the mouth excessively, close it completely and do 10 repetitions.
  • Pronounce the vowels aloud with a strong expression, that is to say by opening your mouth as much as possible. Repeat 10 times and rest.

Exercise for the forehead

The lines of expression that form on the forehead can be minimized and prevented through the daily practice of a simple exercise.

How to do ?

  • Put both hands on your forehead with palms facing inward and pull the skin outward, as if you were sweeping your forehead.
  • Relax the skin, rest for 10 seconds and repeat up to 15 times.

Exercise for the neck


The skin of the neck is fine and is often the part we neglect the most in our daily beauty program.

To tone and prevent premature wrinkles, practice the following facial gymnastics exercise.

How to do ?

  • With the eyes straight, put the fingertips on the lower part of the neck and caress the skin forward and backward, with the head tilted backwards.
  • Move your head forward and backward, repeating 6 to 8 times.

Exercise to avoid falling eyelids

Eyelids and falling eyebrows give the face a dramatic, aged and tired appearance.

This simple exercise helps to reduce their flaccidity and keep them in better condition with the passage of time.

How to do ?

  • Put an index finger under each eye, pointing to the nose.
  • Hide your teeth with your lips and start blinking quickly while looking at the ceiling.
  • Repeat this 3 times for 30 seconds.

Exercise for double chin


If you work the area of the double chin, you will prevent it from growing because of the fat and inflammation and you will avoid flaccidity.

How to do ?

  • Adopt an upright position, whether standing or sitting in a straight chair.
  • Move your head back, hold your gaze up and make your mouth move as if you were chewing on something.
  • Perform 15 repetitions.

As a supplement to these exercises, remember to maintain proper hydration by consuming water and healthy beverages.

Avoid over-exposure to the sun, and habits such as alcohol and cigarette consumption.

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