7 signs that show your partner is cheating on you: number 6 is the most cruel!

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Among the most unforgivable mistakes and the most devastating acts in couple relationships is infidelity. When a person realizes that his / her partner has had an adventure or that he / she collects love affairs, the bond of trust is broken, which gives rise to incessant arguments and repeated jealousy fits. To find out if your partner is lying to you and hides his unfaithfulness, here are signs that do not deceive!

Signs that prove that your partner is cheating on you:

1 – Your instinct tells you!
When a relationship lasts in time, the two partners become able to detect the slightest change in the attitude of each other. So, if you notice that your partner is no longer the same or that his current behavior is strange, not due to specific conditions or occasional stress, follow the voice of your instinct, it could tell you the answer !

2 – He blames you for everything
Some people, to avoid being unmasked, adopt the attack strategy. So instead of being questioned about their change or their questionable behavior, they start showing their discontent and blaming their partner about everything and nothing. Thus, the latter no longer dares to ask for explanations, since he believes himself to be at fault and thinks that it is up to him to question himself and to make more efforts to preserve his couple!

3 – His speech
When a person is lying, this is clearly seen in his speech. So, if your partner adopts an incoherent speech, gives you each time a new version of the facts, or is mistaken in the names of the people with whom he was, this can be a blatant sign that he invents stories to hide you the reality and avoid confessing the true nature of its activities.

4 – Vocabulary
Joining the previous point, the vocabulary used by a person is a great revealer of lies, because by wanting to reassure you and show you that it is sincere, it may abuse certain expressions such as “believe me”, “I swear to you, “” I assure you, “and so on. This is often accompanied by the adoption of new behaviors such as giving you the schedule of your day, while you have not asked for anything. So, if your partner starts to act as such, he may be securing his back and making sure you do not doubt him (yet).

5 – His voice
Another strategy used by the liars, always in the same context, is to raise the voice. When the person who lies lies in a delicate situation where she is short of arguments or excuses to justify herself, she opts for nervousness and cries. Thus, she intimidates her partner, prevents him from overcoming his thoughts, which ends the discussion and allows him to get by. If this is often the case at home, while your intention was to make the conversation, there may be something under the rock!

6 – His body language
When a person is lying, they feel nervous and anxious that the person in front of them can see it. This state of nervousness gives rise to involuntary body reactions, easy to detect. For example, a large percentage of liars tend to moisten their lips or swallow, while others smile for no apparent reason, blink, move a lot, touch each other’s nose, ears, or hair. hands trembling, or perspiring excessively, especially of the neck, forehead, and palms, & c. So just analyze your darling’s reaction!

7 – His phone
In general, the phone is the safest way to discover an infidelity. If your partner suddenly had the idea to put a code on his phone, if he does not let go or lets you get close to it, it probably contains compromising discussions that risk the put in bad position.
In any case, before deciding on the guilt of your partner and therefore the fate of your relationship, take time to think, and why not discuss it, to avoid being unfair or victim of excessive jealousy.

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