7 Things That Happen When You Consume Eggs Every Day

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Eggs have the reputation of being cholesterol bombs, harmful to the heart and arteries. Yet they do not really deserve this bad credit, because the yolk that we describe abounds with fat-soluble minerals and vitamins, while the white contains complete proteins. Between those who consume regularly and those who banish them from their diet, one finally wonders whether it is good or bad to eat. We take stock!

Down with the received ideas!

It’s time to set the record straight. If ingesting eggs does not increase blood cholesterol levels much, it is necessary to prove it and define how much eggs can be consumed without endangering the heart.

Tip: There is no need to draw a line on eggs, especially when you learn that the liver itself produces cholesterol ¾ in the body.

The postulate was supported by a Chinese meta-analysis conducted by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology which states that eggs do not increase the risk of heart attack or cardiovascular disease.

There is therefore no formal evidence to support the argument that eating regular eggs would be bad for one’s health. It depends logically on how to consume it, as part of a complete diet and rich in nutrients. We all agree that eating a mega omelette every day with parmesan and chorizo ​​to excess, does not have the same health effects as the consumption of hard boiled eggs.
Here are seven reasons that make the egg fall off. And if we put back in the honor this food?

The benefits of eggs

1 – To take care of your bones, there is no mystery, you have to move and expose yourself to the light. Without forgetting to watch his plate! The egg is an excellent ally for good bone and muscle health: it brings a lot of vitamins, including vitamin D, which actively participates in the maintenance of bones by promoting the absorption of calcium.

2 – The cosmetic virtues of the egg are no longer to be demonstrated. It is an unsuspected partner who works miracles on oily skin. As for use, the whites whipped and applied as a mask tighten the pores and unify the complexion without leaving any trace of greasy film, in addition to eliminating the bacteria responsible for acne. No mess, yellow is equally suitable for dry skin when combined with olive oil. Farewell forks and dry hair, induce your hair, from the root to the ends, of this mixture, your hair will thank you. Do we need to remind you to rinse your hair with cold water, at the risk that your skull will act as a presentation dish?

3 – People who do bodybuilding will tell you, the egg yolk is their favorite dietary food. It displays an excellent ratio of complete proteins, whose muscles are greedy in addition to amino acids, these shields that counteract muscle breakdown, increase the mass and remove glycogen.

4 – Our brain needs lecithin and choline (part of the vitamin B family), two substances essential for the proper functioning of many vital organs, including the nervous and cardiovascular systems, the liver and the brain . Choline has a fabulous action on memorizing and reducing the risk of dementia. The best source of food in these precious nutrients is egg yolk.

5 – The egg is a real concentrate of nutrients, including zinc, iron and phosphorus) and vitamins D, A, E, B2 and B12. It also contains powerful antioxidants from the carotenoid family, known to prevent age-related disorders, such as cardiovascular disease, cataracts, macular degeneration and some cancers.

6 – Rich in lutein, eggs are only good for the eyes. Antioxidant, this carotenoid protects against harmful ultraviolet rays and reduces the risk of age-related eye disorders.

7 – The idea is not to throw yourself headlong into a restrictive diet based on hard boiled eggs and grapefruit, deleterious to health. But to consume foods that trigger the feeling of fullness to avoid getting on anything and everything. Hard boiled egg, especially egg white is a good option. People who are used to having breakfast with eggs reduce their daily caloric intake by 400 calories.

8 -Can help you lose weight : Two Week Boiled Egg Diet

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