8 Exercises to burn abdominal fat in 2 weeks!

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To eliminate abdominal fat, it is important to pay attention to its diet, but not only. For effective weight loss, it is also vital to play sports.

Here are 8 exercises to burn abdominal fat in two weeks!

8 exercises to burn abdominal fat

1. Butterfly contractions

Lie on your back, spread your legs and bend your knees. Make sure the soles of your feet are glued to each other. Put your hands behind your head, forming a horizontal line with your arms. Tighten your abdominal muscles and try to get up by heading to your legs. Repeat this operation 10 times in a row. This exercise is very effective because it directly targets your abdominal muscles.

2. Turn on the side

Lie on the floor with your legs slightly bent, keeping your feet on the floor. Then, try to get up with your lower back stuck to the ground and try to stretch your right arm towards your left leg as if you were trying to touch your foot. Then resume your initial position. Repeat this exercise 15 times in a row for each side. This exercise targets your oblique abdominal muscles that are on both sides of the belly.

3. The abdominal board

Place your forearms flat on the floor, spread your elbows so that they form a straight line with your shoulders. Then stretch your legs well and balance on tiptoe. Your back should form a straight line, do not raise your head too much. Adopt this position for 30 seconds, pause and renew 10 times in a row. This exercise is very effective to have a flat stomach, it makes work the transverse which constitutes the deepest and widest muscle of the lateral part of the abdomen. The board also works oblique, lumbar muscles, and strengthens the back.

4. Feet to tiptoe

Lie down on the floor, aim your legs up to form a 90 ° angle. Your legs should form two parallel lines. Then, lift your shoulders, stretch your arms, try to reach your fingers to the tips of your feet with your back against the ground. This exercise will work your abdominals. Renew 15 times in a row.

5. Elbow-knee ankles crossed

On the back, raise your legs, put your hands behind your head with elbows well apart. Bend your left leg and stretch the other, then point your right elbow to the opposite knee. Your shoulders should always remain off the ground. Renew 15 times in a row for each side. This exercise aims to strengthen the abdominals and oblique muscles.

6. Contraction using a ribbon

Lie down on the floor, lift your legs, bend your knees to form a 90 ° angle. Then put a ribbon around your knees, pull well so that your arms are on each side. Try to get up by getting as close to your legs as possible. Then resume your initial position. Repeat the exercise 15 times in a row.

7. Toggle the basin

On the floor, spread your arms on each side with the palms of your hands facing the floor. Then lift the legs slightly to form two parallel lines and start to swing them from right to left. Always keep your hands and back glued to the floor. Repeat the exercise 15 times in a row, it will help you to work the oblique muscles.

8. The board on an exercise ball

This exercise requires a little practice. Put yourself on the ball and roll it with your arms until it reaches your feet. Keep your back straight and lift one of your legs for a few seconds. Then move on to the other leg. This exercise will work all the muscles of your body.Reease it as much as possible.

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