8 thing that all guys do secretly at the beginning of a relationship

thing that all guys do secretly ? If, by nature, man is not always this being adapted to the life of two, the majority of them know how to modify their behavior to respond to the circumstances. On the way from the status of uninhibited single to that of “dude couple”, these gentlemen also have their little secrets. Anthology.

thing that all guys do secretly

Indeed naive indeed would believe that the man who has just landed in his life did not make any adjustments before embarking on a relationship to two. Activation of the “understanding” mode, strategy of prudence in any circumstance … Here are 8 little tricks that invariably make the men without you realizing it.

1. thing that all guys do secretly : They scrutinize you a lot

At the restaurant, in the street, at home or at home … Be safe, your new guy looks at you, a lot. He had time to do it, you say. Yes but not enough. Want to be reassured, to have benchmarks, sir needs to map the terrain to be sure and certain to know what he is involved. Everything happens, from the way you dress to the one to hold you, to the physical details. Scary ? Do not panic: you like him already. He just needs to engrave you in marble.

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