8 things a man can do for a woman and who are more intimate than sex!

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The things a man can do for a woman ? When we talk about intimacy, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is sex. But the intimacy, the true one, is based on the knowledge and the knowledge of the other, of what one shares with two, etc … You do not believe me?

Here are 8 things a man can do for a woman who are more intimate than sex:

1. things a man can do for a woman : Tell her that she is beautiful.

Men who compliment their wives every day do not miss anything. The difference between you and yourself is that when you tell the woman that you like her to be beautiful, it’s without any thoughts.

You do not tell all women what they want to hear just to sleep with her. You only say it to the one you like. The instant you make this compliment, it shines like never before.

When a woman knows that you find her beautiful and sparkling, she will never have to worry about your feelings. Trust is the most intimate thing that two people can share.

2. things a man can do for a woman : Write him a love letter.

There are many things that can be said without words, but every woman needs to hear how much you love her.

Give her something physical that she can review and re-read when she misses you or when she has a period of doubt. Thus, she will feel more serene and happier.

You do not have to be a great writer to write a moving love letter. Just take the time to put on paper what you feel for her, and why she means everything to you. Especially do not type it on the computer, write it by hand, so when she looks at it, she can really feel that you wrote it.

3. things a man can do for a woman : Go on vacation together.

One of the best ways to gain intimacy with your girlfriend, to know her and to understand her more deeply, is to make a trip to two. Not just a weekend, but a trip of one or two weeks.

Intimacy is being close to the other. And there is no better way to understand than to find yourself in thousands of different situations with her.

Go with her into the unknown, the never seen, and you will know her intimacy and her deepest feelings. You will see how she reacts, how she analyzes and how she judges things.

4. things a man can do for a woman : Take care of her when she is sick and allow her to take care of you when you are sick.

If you want to be more intimate with your partner, then you will have to accept it, not only in the best, but also in the worst. Sorry ladies, but no woman is attractive when she coughs to spit out her lungs.

When your wife is sick, she is more vulnerable and more irritable. Think about how you feel when you are deep in the hole because of the disease. I bet you are not necessarily the charming person you are used to.

That’s why, in the opposite direction, letting you see in this situation is also a proof of intimacy and trust. You can see how far she is willing to go to help and relieve you.

5. things a man can do for a woman : Sleep with her (without sleeping together).

It’s easy to share a bed with a woman, whether you like it or not. But it’s harder to try anything when the pretty creature lying next to you tells you she’s not ready or that’s not the time.

Kissing a woman tenderly without intentions that it goes further means that your feelings far exceed your needs and impulses. Cuddling a woman because you love her means that your happiness depends on her, and that she makes you happy.

This kind of happiness lasts much more than a night, it lasts a lifetime.

6. things a man can do for a woman : Look in your eyes for long moments.

There are few things in this world that make us feel more uncomfortable than staring in the eye for a long time. They say that the eyes are the windows of our minds, and I think that’s true.

Looking deeply into your lover’s eyes will not allow you to read in your thoughts, but will show how comfortable you are with each other.

The longer you hold, the more it will prove that you have no trouble with each other. If you want to break down the barriers that remain in your relationship, focus on the look.

7. things a man can do for a woman : Meet the beautiful family.

A person is not just a person. She is the combination of all the people by whom she was influenced by growing up, so her family. In life, we analyze all the relationships we have based on those we have had in our family.

They are our oldest relationships, and because they formed us during our childhood, they change the way we perceive interactions and relationships between people.

Often you will learn a lot about your partner by knowing the people who have surrounded him since his early hours.

8. things a man can do for a woman : Live with her.

The purest form of intimacy is living together, simply. Not just in the sense of sharing an apartment, but listening to one’s heart and having plans.

If you and the woman you love are comfortable in this situation, then nothing should scare you, because you will be so in all other possible conditions.

Gentlemen, if you’re already up to date on all that, then there’s a strong feeling that you’re making your wife happy. Congratulations!

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