8 ways for a man to say “I love you”

8 ways for a man to say “I love you” ? Three little words that men sometimes have trouble going out. Because they are shy? Because they do not know how to say it? Anyway, they found their techniques to admit it to you. They love you and tell you that!

8 ways for a man to say "I love you"

8 ways for a man to say “I love you” – IT SEND YOU TEXTOS WITHOUT REASON

“What is this rotten time! »,« I just watched a hundred gifs of cats, it’s too funny ». A priori, these messages do not have much interest? You are mistaken, here is one of the best ways for your guy to tell you he loves you. Just thinking about yourself, saying “Here, I’m going to send him a short SMS …” can be proof of a very great mark of affection in some males. Well, if your guy does not do it, that does not mean he does not like you. He may prefer the following techniques.

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