9 pains that are directly related to emotional states

emotional states ? When we go to a doctor to determine the source of pain we have felt, he tries to find the physical causes that may cause it. However, the pain is not always due to a dysfunction or a problem occurring in an organ or body tissue. It can find its source in our emotional states. Find out how these can cause 9 types of pain.

emotional states

Our emotional balance and our physical health are the flipside of the same coin. One influences the other and both of them help to better understand what is happening at the level of the other. In this way, the emotions we experience, which we can not exteriorize, impact our body and manifest themselves in the form of pain. Find out what each of them reveals about your emotional state.

9 types of physical pain caused by our emotional states:

1 – emotional states – Pain in the head:

Headaches or migraines are usually caused by the stress of everyday life and our inability to make decisions or apply them. It is therefore important to spend time at the end of the day, to relax and empty the mind. So remember to do meditation exercises, yoga or walking.

2 – emotional states – Neck pain

If your neck hurts, this may be due to your inability to forgive others, and yourself. Try to get rid of your negative emotions and focus on the things you love around you, to help you forget their mistakes and move forward in your relationship with them.

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