9 Things to never do during your periods!

Things to never do during your periods ? During the period of menstruation, all (or almost all) women have nerves on their skin and all (or almost all) men do not miss the opportunity to complain. When you have your period, you are often prone to many problems such as abdominal pain and hormonal disorders, so much so that leaving your bed can sometimes be a real struggle.

Things to never do during your periods

This period is often accompanied by troublesome symptoms caused by bleeding and hormonal changes that take place inside your body. Headaches, mood swings, change of appetite, tiredness, excessive sensitivity, irritability and even aggression can make their appearance during these few days and disappear afterwards.

To preserve your well-being and turn those few trying days into an improvised holiday, here are 9 things to never do during your periods:

1. Things to never do during your periods : Cook
If you are in your kitchen preparing to eat while you have your period, you may hurt someone. How? The answer is simple: cooking can not be done without the use of a knife! And if you have one of those flushes of anger while you have it in your hand, you are easily at risk of hurting yourself or hurting someone who is unlucky enough to be there at the wrong time. That’s why the best thing to do is to stay out of the kitchen!

2. Things to never do during your periods : Use your mobile
The reason you should not use your phone is very simple: you might call your ex.This is a time when your emotions are in full swing and your hormones are playing tricks to you, which makes you more disposed to feel alone and abandoned, and to seek consolation from your ex! And if only it stop there! You will want to get back with him and if he ever refuses for one reason or another, you will treat him with all the names of birds. To avoid the worst mistake of your life, stay away from your phone waiting for the storm to pass.

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