A 3 year old says someone talks to him at night … What his mother discovered is shocking!

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In Washington, it was a shock for the parents of this 3-year-old, who discovered that a stranger was talking to their child through the baby monitor. And this story is not an isolated case. Here are the different dangers associated with the use of new technologies.

Parents started to use a baby monitor thinking that they would be more reassured with this device … It was before discovering that their child was spied by a hacker through this device!

One day, the mother entered her child’s room, hearing a voice saying, “Wake up little boy, your dad is looking for you.” Later, the dad also heard the voice say, “Someone is coming! “.

The parents realized that their every move was being spied on. The situation worsened when they noticed that the hacker had taken full control of the device. They found on the screen of the device allowing them to monitor their child, that the camera was moving as if someone was manipulating it from a distance!

Scared at the thought of being spied on, the parents contacted the manufacturer of the baby monitor. In response, the latter published a report stating that their monitor was probably hacked via an application on Smartphone or a computer.

CBS News confirms that this kind of mischief is spreading, because these baby monitors connect easily to smartphones via the Internet. Another danger of new technologies!

In addition, a BioInitiative report had demonstrated the harmful effects of wireless technologies (risks of brain tumors, cell stress, etc.). A new report published in 2012 shows the danger of new technologies and the need for new safety standards to protect people from waves, wireless devices and new technologies in general.

The dangers of new technologies

According to the 2012 BioInitiative report, new wireless technologies increase the following risks:

1. Poor brain development of the fetus
Computers, phones, and all other wireless devices used by pregnant women increase the risk of impairing fetal brain development. According to several studies, hyperactivity, behavioral problems and learning problems can be direct consequences of the use of these devices.

2. Infertility
Placed on a belt or in a pocket, the phone can be a danger for sperm DNA, and thus reduce fertility in humans. Recall that laptops with Wi-Fi can also lead to infertility.

3. Autism
Autism is one of the dangers of new technologies. Indeed, many studies indicate a probable link between new wireless technologies and autistic disorders. According to Martha Herbert, less exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and wireless devices is needed, especially for people with autism, pregnant women, people planning to have a child, and children of all ages.

4. Gliomas
The use of mobile phones increases the risk of neuromas (benign tumors of nervous tissue) and gliomas or glial tumors (brain, malignant or benign tumors). According to Lennart Hardell, a medical doctor at the University of Orebro, Sweden, scientific studies show that the waves should be listed as carcinogenic. Remember that they are currently simply classified as “probably carcinogenic”.

The BioInitiative report mentions other dangers of new technologies, associated with wireless devices broadcasting electromagnetic waves:

– Memory problems

– Behavioral disorders

– Damage to genes and DNA

– Sleep disorders

– Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease

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