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As every year when the good weather arrives, you take a thousand and one good resolutions to have FINALLY a flat stomach to unveil cheerfully under crop tops.

But little by little, your motivation dulls and you finally spend more time looking for excuses to miss the sport than to really play sports …

Fortunately, there are other tips to strengthen your little beads, and all without making the slightest effort (and without plastic surgery!).

1. We are standing straight

Yes, you have the impression to hear your dear parents teaching you “stay upright! “. Well, they were right … Just because improving your posture will help you naturally tummy and thus gain inches of waistline. As a bonus, you will do good to your back and your spine.

2. Bloating is banned

Sensation of swollen belly, air bubbles in the intestines? This is probably simply due to bloating, caused by a poorly adapted diet: it is therefore hyper hot to sparkling drinks (soda …), chips, white bread, cabbage or pulses. Yes, you can eat, but in reasonable quantities.

3. Foods to avoid

A small list to remember and stick on the fridge:

– dry vegetables (promote bloating)

– 0% yogurts (to avoid lactose)

– rice (which constipates)

– the onions

– the mayonnaise

– salted butter

– dry biscuits

– the mushrooms

– apples, pears, cherries, peaches … which contain sorbitol (a natural sugar that causes gases)

4. Foods to be favored

To put on your shopping list:

– natural yogurts

– salad leaves (lamb’s lettuce, lettuce, rocket …)

– oatmeal

– raspberries and strawberries

– spinach

– zucchini

– cucumbers

– green beans

5. We like probiotics

These bacteria have the ability to facilitate digestion, and regulate appetite. They are found in dairy products with active bifidus, or in pharmacies. To do in cure of 1 month to see the results.

6. We drink herbal teas

During the day, we sip herbal teas that will boost our transit, such as mint, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, fennel … We prepare a large bottle of thermos, which we drink all throughout the day to hydrate.

7. One enters one’s belly

While walking, the air of nothing, one enters one’s belly in a regular way: a real exercise which does not require any effort, and which repeatedly makes it possible to muscles you smoothly! We get in the habit of doing it as soon as we go out, and you will see that then you will do it naturally.

8. We have massages

To promote digestion, you always massage your stomach in the direction of clockwise. We put on slimming creams based on caffeine, active recognized in the fight against cellulite. Before you massage, prepare the skin by making a homemade scrub with coffee grounds and olive oil (just mix the two ingredients to form a paste). It is applied in circular motions, and rinsed.


The choice of editorial:

– The Serum Silhouette Rose Gold from Melvita, with pink berries from Reunion Island, refines the most rebellious areas (waist and thighs). We love its fast-penetrating texture, which allows you to get dressed as soon as the application is finished.

– Weleda Slimming Massage Oil combines the virtues of several active ingredients of natural origin to destock cellulite and firm skin: extracts of birch, apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, wheat germ oil … To apply on the skin right out of the shower for more efficiency.

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