A married couple for 75 years dies in the same bed, a few hours apart

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Noticing that her husband’s condition was not improving, Jeanette also began to have health problems, to the point of having to stay all day in the same bed as the love of her life .

For many people, eternal love is a story invented by the authors of tales and novels.

In general, the majority of relationships do not survive long, and it is often necessary to know several people before finding the one that completes our life to perfection, and with which we live the great love.

Even if it happens most of the time, there are incredible stories that show us that nothing is impossible, and that two people can love each other all the life, even to the death.

This is the story of a married couple who lived in California, USA.

The two partners met when they were 8 years old, and remained all their life glued to each other.

They were married for 75 years, then left our world almost at the same time.

Death could not separate them

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko, a retired couple from San Diego, California, were married for 75 years.

And, very oddly, both died within hours of each other, in each other’s arms, demonstrating their unconditional love even in their ultimate moments.

The story of this incredible love was unveiled by Aimee Toczko-Cushman, one of the couple’s daughters, who shared her parents’ passion with the world.

Alexander Toczko and his wife Jeanette were from Connecticut, and met when they were barely 8 years old.

Arrived at a reasonable age, they made the decision to marry in 1940.

According to their daughter Aimee’s revelations to ABC, “They did not like being separated. As if their two hearts needed to beat at the same time.

Alexander, who died at the age of 95, loved to play golf, until his health was over, because of a bad fall, which inflicted terrible pain for many weeks before his death .

Although he was taken care of by the greatest specialists, his health never improved and worsened day by day.

Noticing that her husband’s condition was not improving, Jeanette, then 96, began to develop health problems.

She was finally placed in the same bed as her husband Alexander, in a state of health comparable to this one.

Her last wish was to be able to be bedridden with her husband Alexander, to take care of him until his last moments.

The couple had arrived at a critical moment. Alexander could not get up, and Jeanette was very depressed.

They were looking forward to June 29 to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

Unfortunately, they have not managed to hold until this symbolic date.

Alexander died on the night of June 17, while Jeanette died the next morning.

Despite this, they were able to realize the most cherished of all their wishes: to be together, in the arms of one another, until their last breath.

With her four brothers, Aimee Toczko-Cushman remained at the bedside of her parents during their illness.

She had to announce the bad news to her mother. She says, “I told my mother that my father had gone. She took him in his arms and said: You see, that’s what you wanted. Die in my arms. I love you. Wait a month, because in a short time we will be together.

At that moment, all the children in the family made the decision to leave their mother’s room to give her a moment of tranquility with the man she had loved all her life.

To everyone’s surprise, in less than 24 hours, Jeanette left to join her husband.

The lifeless bodies of the two nonagenarians were found in each other’s arms, as they had always wished.

The image of this moment has been photographed and has already been around the world.

Millions of people saw it as the expression of a love of rare purity, even in the last moments of its existence.

Jeanette and Alexander Toczko now rest together at Miramar National Cemetery in San Diego, California.

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