A Miraculous Herb: This woman had 68 kg on Thursday. On Saturday, his weight dropped to 63 kg! Here’s the reason for this change … (Recipe)

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To lose up to 5 kg in a few days, you must have heard about the natural solution of infusions of herbs and plants. In this article, you will finally be certain about a special tea that can make you lose weight in record time …

This plant is called parsley and is used very often to improve the taste of our dishes and our meals, but this mysterious herb hides more than one secret! For health, it is the guarantee of a flawless energetic and metabolic stimulation. On the one hand, it is a plant with powerful diuretic effects that can effectively treat urinary tract infections and other kidney-related problems. on the other hand, parsley is beneficial for effectively preventing water retention.

What about the benefits of parsley tea?

Having cleansing and purifying properties of the body, parsley can help you lose weight, especially thanks to its tea. Its properties, strongly concentrated in its tea, are based on active principles that assure the elements that compose it like the essential oils of the Apiol and the miristicina, flavonoids, their richness in potassium, iodine.

Parsley tea is particularly effective for weight loss by its composition whose primary function is to stimulate renal metabolism, increased diuresis and stimulation of intestinal peristalsis.

The parsley tea we recommend in this article, is very popular in the Balkan countries. Moreover, the recipe, in the following page, is from Croatia and will allow you to lose up to 5 kg in 3 days of consumption only …

Here’s how parsley tea will reduce your overweight by 5kg in just 3 days: (Recipe and Directions)


  • 5 chopped parsley
  • 1 liter of water

Instructions to follow:
Start by adding the chopped parsley in a liter of boiling water. Remove the mixture from the heat and pause while waiting for the mixture to fuse for 20 minutes. After this time, your tea will be ready and you’ll only have to drink it while it’s hot!

Being a powerful diuretic, parsley also helps eliminate toxins, bacteria and harmful substances from your body. It is able to accelerate your metabolism in a hallucinating way and is distinguished by its powerful antioxidant power that neutralizes the effects of free radicals and thus reduces the risk of deadly diseases such as cancer development.

Instructions for use and dosage:
The recommended daily dose of this parsley tea to lose up to 5 kg in 3 days is one liter. Thus, it would be up to you to spread this dose over 24 hours as you see fit.

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