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When we want to lose weight, we quickly realize that fat in certain areas of the body and much more difficult to dislodge than others. Indeed, among these we can mention the fat that is at the level of the thighs and hips.

To be able to lose fat optimally, it will be important to control your daily caloric intake, to hydrate yourself regularly and to start performing targeted exercises.

We suggest you to discover in the rest of this article exercises that you can do at home and that will be very effective to refine your thighs.

Five very effective exercises to lose fat in the thighs

You can do your exercises at home for only 12 minutes.

The first exercise

Stand up, legs apart with your arms extended in front of you. Flex your knees as if you wanted to sit down. Without raising the heel of the ground.

Contract your abs and make sure your feet are slightly angled out. Repeat the process several times.

The second exercise

Stand up and place one leg in front of you. You will need to flex both legs until your knee in the front forms a right angle. Repeat the exercise dynamically by changing your leg.

Here’s a 12-minute video that shows an intensive workout that has already helped a lot of women …

3rd exercise

You will have to lie down on your side while leaning on your elbow. Lift the leg on the outside and repeat the movement several times dynamically. Repeat the operation with the other leg.

4th exercise

Put yourself in the same position as if you wanted to make pumps. You just need to maintain the position as well as contract your abs.

The fifth exercise

Put yourself on your back and place your hands behind your head. You must now raise your bust and your right leg to try to touch it. Renew the operation with the left leg and this dynamically for 30 seconds.

Here is a short video that will explain perfectly the exercises to achieve to have tonic thighs:

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