A pregnant girl was taken by her 40-year-old husband to the hospital where he was arrested … Scary and alarming !!

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In China, the central hospital of “Xuzhou” city has been in a hell because of a pedophile husband, another lady supposed to be the mother-in-law and a 20-year-old girl, while she was only 12! Here are the details of a scary case …

The little girl was three months pregnant and had to have a routine pregnancy test to confirm that the fetus was in good health. The problem with the story is that she did not seem to be 20 years old, as claimed by the father and the so-called stepmother.

Barely 12 years old and already pregnant with a 40 year old father!

Immediately, the medical corps, composed of nurses and doctors, wanted to know more about the little one who did not answer any of their questions. The husband attacked the doctor and began to get violent with everyone.

The doctors immediately called on the police, who promptly called in to arrest the 40-year-old pedophile whose daring had led him to present a young 12-year-old girl as his wife with a bloated belly.

The distressing photo of the little girl shows the baby’s huge marks of little bump and stretch marks, and unfortunately his condition would deteriorate further, considering the complications of pregnancy …

The doctors in place were trying to identify her true identity, but as she did not speak Mandarin (a dialect form of Chinese most common in northern China, spoken by more than 70% of the Han population), Mandarin is the basis of standard Chinese, or putonghua), it was anonymous in the eyes of the law.

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