A pregnant mother of twins does an MRI. She can not believe what her babies are doing!

MRI ? A pregnant mom with twins can do an MRI to see her babies … and make amazing discoveries with this high-tech monitor! Explanations.


What is an MRI?

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical imaging technique that provides images of the interior of the body in 2 or 3 dimensions (2D or 3D), but non-invasively. This technique relies on the ability of the hydrogen atom nuclei to emit detectable signals when in a strong magnetic field subject to a particular radio frequency pulse.

To do this, the patient is introduced into a tunnel about 60 cm wide with a microphone and loudspeakers to communicate with the body, lighting and ventilation to avoid discomfort (especially for claustrophobic people).

Painless, an MRI scan usually requires between 10 and 30 minutes and can be up to an hour in the case of a full body scan. It has the advantage of allowing good visualization of fats, water and different tissues, and since it does not use X-rays, it is safe for pregnant women. However, it is forbidden for people carrying metals: cerebrovascular clips, pacemakers or any intraocular foreign body.

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