A very bad news for those who shave the genitals!

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It turns out that this war with the hairs is dangerous for the health, according to the warning thrown by the American family doctor Emily Gibson. “We have pubic hair for a reason,” she says.

For a long time, surgeons know that shaving a part of the body in preparation for surgery increases the risk of infection … No matter what method is used for shaving, the hair repels. The multiple eliminations of hair turn the skin into a “ravaged battlefield,” says Dr. Gibson.

The shaving of pubic hair, a risk of infection assured:

Hair removal in your intimate area could quickly turn into a nightmare where you will be the victim of the human papillomavirus (HPV). The wounds in the hair follicle, following the shaving of the intimate area, open an easy access door to the VHP, Human Papillaume Virus. Hair removal from pubic hair can be the cause of vaginal infections and herpes because it is a habit responsible for the access of bacteria to the genital area.

In addition, like nose hair and eyelashes in the eyes, pubic hair helps prevent dirt and dust from entering the vagina of women. They would also serve to temper the body. The latter also play a role in sexual attraction through the presence of pheromones in the pubic hair. No study supports this latter hypothesis.

So now it’s up to you. Stay hairy, but in good health or become hairless and sexier, but with the possibility of catching diseases.

Here are 5 consequences of shaving pubic hair by shaving:

1. STD-Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

According to a recent study, since the boom in hair removal, cases of infections such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) have increased dramatically; One of the functions of pubic hair is precisely to protect the genital area against this type of infections.

2. Irritation problems:

The use of razors or chemicals such as wax is strongly discouraged if you have sensitive skin. In such cases, irritation occurs because the skin will be in direct contact with jeans or lace underwear.

3. Eczema or Psoriasis:

When you have problems like diabetes or skin-related disorders like psoriasis, you should consult your doctor before you shave pubic hair or remove it with other methods.

4. A nest of infections:

The shaving or removal of pubic hair in general is a risky activity for the health of the skin as long as it can make the skin fertile ground for the development of bacteria.

5. Pheromones:

The function of hair is to maintain the specific smell of each person’s genital area, so if you remove them completely, you will not be able to feel the pheromones of a person who loves you. Pheromones and hairs are the essence of your sexual pleasure.

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