According to one study, men do not really become mature until they are 43 years old

Ladies, do you feel like your husband, your brother or your boyfriend is nothing more than a big kid? Even if he is 25 years old? Do not panic, this is perfectly normal: a study, relayed by the DailyMail, has indeed proven that men do not become fully mature at the age of 43 years on average … Let 11 years after women!

They laugh when they fart, they make dirty jokes, make crazy on their bikes and can not help giggling as soon as they hear a big word: Men are great children, and for good reason: they reach full maturity only at the age of 43 … against 32 for women!

The study was conducted in Great Britain. First, the researchers asked women and men what they saw as signs of immaturity. Based on these responses, they then established a panel with a chart of social behaviors that would be perceived as “immature”.

Here is the list of these behaviors “perceived as immature” in men:

1. Rotate / fart and find that funny

2. Eat too much junk food, including at late hours

3. Too much play video games

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