Chinese facial map: when skin problems reveal the state of vital organs of the body

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If your skin, which is also the largest organ of the body, has some problems, you should know that skin problems can be deeper than we think.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that every part of the face is closely related to certain organs of the body. In case of any problem in one of these organs, the face sends signals in the form of skin problems such as rashes, redness, pimples or changes in skin tone.

The forehead: the small intestine and the bladder

High consumption of canned foods and fats slows down digestion and has a direct impact on the quality of the forehead skin. This also happens when you consume a lot of sugar and alcohol or in case of fatigue. In order to solve this skin problem, you need to drink enough water, promote raw food consumption, stay away from alcohol and have a good quality of sleep.

Between the eyebrows: the liver

This skin problem can be triggered after a difficult digestion. Indeed, if you consume a lot of meat or have allergies to certain foods, the stomach provides more effort during digestion and this can trigger certain health problems. So you have to think about eating fresh, healthy foods or doing physical activity such as walking, yoga or meditation to get rid of this skin problem.

The brow bone: the kidneys

This area indicates problems related to smoking, alcohol, poor heart health and blood flow. The solution is to drink enough water and avoid caffeine, alcohol and soft drinks.

The nose: the heart

Having skin problems in the nose indicates poor blood circulation, bloated stomach, gas and living in a polluted area. To remedy this, you need to stabilize high blood pressure and check cholesterol levels frequently. You can also drink green tea to detoxify the body. Physical activity is also necessary.

The upper part of the cheeks: the lungs

Asthma, pollution and smoking are the most common reasons for this skin problem. The best way to treat skin problems at the upper part of the cheeks is to avoid polluted air and tobacco.

Cheeks: kidneys and lungs

This skin problem is triggered by unhealthy food, stress, smoking and excessive consumption of sugar. A cure ? Remove unhealthy foods from your diet and use quality beauty products.

The mouth and the chin: the stomach

Sugar, high-fat foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol cause stomach problems. Spicy food consumption and sleep disturbances can also cause a skin problem on this part of the face. The solution is to eat healthy foods and promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Jaw and neck: hormones

Excessive consumption of salty foods, low water consumption and some seasonal foods can cause rashes and pimples on the neck and jaw. Simply reduce the consumption of salty foods and drink enough water.

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