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How to Convince a Girl to Make Love – The 3 Ultimate Tips Seduction is a game in which you have to become effective if you want to convince your girlfriend to make love to you. We’ve all been there … You meet a girl, you go out together, everything goes well.

But now, you start having ants in the pants and you do not really know how to convince her to move up a gear, to act. After all, it’s not easy and it’s normal to be afraid of ruining your chances by being too abrupt. And then a refusal at this time especially in this area, it’s hard to cash for his personal esteem.

But what to do? How to make him understand without falling into the harassment or the gravelly, that you want to have a relationship. The first tracks are here!

1.Let her enter your universe and get ready

A bit like your favorite football team, to conclude and ensure the favors of the girl in question, it is easier to “play at home”. A girl becomes much more open and affordable if she enters your world. It is indeed you who will lead the dance in your own environment, and you will feel more comfortable to reach more easily your final goal: make love with you.

Invite her to dinner (cook preferably yourself) and do not skimp on the preparations. Put away your room, pass the aspiro, clean the floors, that everything is chrome nickel for its coming (you would not want to see run running discovering an old slice of pizza under your bed!). Refine the atmosphere so that everything is romantic and relaxed. Subdued light (candles will do), music, scent … And condoms at hand (in your bedside table, under your pillow … it’s as you feel!)

Do not be fooled, your partner is probably just as stressed as you. And do not think she has no idea what to expect! The girls are not so innocent as they want to believe!

2. Conduct the dance and affirm your stature

When a girl passes the threshold of your door, you must know that she is abandoning you in some way her confidence.

She knows it’s your territory and she expects you to show her the path and the behavior to adopt. You benefit from the aura of “leader” in the relationship. If she has not been to your house before, have her go around to show her that everything is accessible and that you too trust her. This will reinforce his sense of comfort.

We always feel a bit nervous when we first visit a place we do not know and the fact that a familiar person shows us its nooks allows us to bring down apprehension.

Once the dinner is over, you need to focus on organizing the sequence of events that will promote physical contact. How? Well, for example, by offering to watch a movie together. Unfortunately for her, your TV is in your room! (if you have one it’s fine, if not move the living room, or watch a div-x via your computer). You will not even need an excuse to take your partner to the scene of the crime!

When it is finally in your room, its behavior should evolve and it will gradually become more open to your advances … One tip, however, avoid zapping between the different channels of your television because the differences in sound and images, especially due to commercials, can disrupt this romantic moment.

3. The behaviors to adopt to convince her to make love

Girls are not stupid, your partner knows that if she comes to your room, chances are it will get out of hand.

But the fact that you have already shown her the scene beforehand and that you have built a bond of confidence in preparing the meal, sharing it with her and spending a good evening, will push her unconsciously to throw herself into the claws of the wolf. Once installed in your room, the hard part is done! All you need to do is slowly begin physical contact by placing your arm around her and stroking her, for example.

It is important to take your time from this moment. Embrace there tenderly and gently wander your hands on his legs and arms without dwelling on his chest or his sex. You must first build a tension

The women are so made: the less you directly touch the areas that interest you the more, the more they will be excited. Show him that you have feelings for her. She wants to feel loved before being desired (good if you do not have feelings, force yourself a little, do not throw yourself on her!). During hugs and intensified exchanges, it’s time to tackle the dreaded topic. Tell him you want her. Whatever she answers, it is vital to listen to her, and not to force her.

If she is referring to bad experiences, highlight the fact that you are different, that all you want is to materialize the attraction and feelings you feel for her. Ask her questions about you two: what does it see as negative or positive in making love with you? Accompany your speech with tender touching. You want your references to the sexual relationship that could take place in a few minutes to be effective, that your partner becomes less and less reluctant and in the end that she realizes that she wants to cross the road with you.

Be as direct as possible, do not beat around the bush. Tell her that you want to share something special with her, and point out that you do not usually talk about such things with other people. She’s the one who makes you feel like that … And now you want to show her how powerful the effect she has on you.

You are ready to act with the one you want, it is time to intensify contact and undress each other.

Fortunately, you do not need to break the mood because your condoms are at hand! Oh, and one last thing, for your first with this new partner, go smoothly to learn and understand his body, his desires, and his pleasures. As for the rest, it’s up to you!

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