Count the bracelets you have around your wrist and find out what they mean!

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The wrist bracelets are those horizontal lines located on the anterior aspect of the wrist. Like the lines of the hand, they also have a meaning. They are precious clues about a person’s life, health, happiness … To discover their meaning, read on!

Wrist bracelets, as revealing as the lines of the hand!

The bracelets are those horizontal lines that cross your wrist. These lines are also called rascettes and allow a number of interpretations, whether in the areas of health, well-being or luck.

Palmistry: the art of reading the lines of the hand

This divinatory art, which consists in guessing through the lines of the hand the future of a person, is practiced since the dawn of time! It first developed in India a long time ago, and is still practiced today around the world.

Wrist lines and life expectancy

According to metaphysical theory, the number of lines at the bracelet is related to the life expectancy of people. According to this science, the number of lines on the wrist indicates longevity: the more lines a person has, the longer his life will be …

If the first line of the wrist is clearly marked, uninterrupted, it indicates 23 to 28 years of life. The second line of the wrist indicates between 46 and 56 years of life, the third line of the wrist means a life expectancy between 69 to 84 years and the last, the fourth, represents more than 84 years of life expectancy.

As you can imagine, the fourth line is quite rare. The average number of wrist bracelets varies between two and three.
Once you have counted the number of lines on your wrist, read on, for more details on what they mean.

Wrist lines and health

The first line of the wrist is actually the most important line. When it is clear, distinct and perfectly marked, it means good health in general. For example, if you do a test around you by observing the lines of your friends, you will find that people who have this first line well marked are in good physical health and do not have many health problems.
If this first line is irregular or weakly marked, it means a health problem or that complications are coming.

For example, in women, when the first line of the wrist is slightly curved upwards towards the base of the palm or when the palm is broken, it suggests gynecological health problems such as fertility problems, difficulty to conceive, irregular cycles, diseases such as fibroids, etc.
In humans, when this first line is tilted upward, directed towards the base of the palm or when it is broken, this may indicate prostate-related health problems, urinary disorders or skin problems. fertility.

The second line of the wrist is related to the material abundance, wealth, prosperity and personal happiness of a person. The ideal case? A perfectly distinct and uninterrupted line, just like the health line.
The third line of the wrist refers to the professional achievement, career and success of a person. A person considered powerful and influential will have a perfectly straight and continuous line.

If you have a fourth line on the wrist, it is often parallel to the third: it confirms and reinforces the traits described in the third line.

Of course, this divinatory interpretation must be taken with distance and must not influence the perception you have of yourself!

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