Depression and anxiety are signs of struggle, not frailty

Emotional problems are not a choice, and no one wants to go through a depression or go through moments of anxiety. They can arise as a result of a period of accumulation of situations and complicated circumstances.

It is often thought that anxiety and depression are signs of frailty and disability in life.

However, a person who suffers from anxiety, depression or mixed symptoms is NOT crazy or weak or inferior.

It is sad and exhausting to argue about this, but it is a social reality that we can not deny.

So, despite the advances of science, the modern subconscious of society still thinks that emotional and psychological problems are synonymous with fragility and vulnerability.

That’s why depression and anxiety do not look like wounds that need attention but as states where we will react in this way: “relax,” “this is not not serious “,” begins to forget, life is not that “,” There is no reason to cry “,” begins to mature “, etc.

Does not it speak to you? In fact, it is likely that at one point you were the hangman or victim of this type of speech.

That’s why it’s important to do an awareness exercise and give emotional pain the importance it has.

Thus, in the same way that we would not ignore a throbbing pain in the stomach or a migraine, we should not ignore the emotional pain.

We can not leave emotional wounds without care and we must work on them and find their meaning, which causes the symptoms.

That is, we need to consult a psychologist who helps us and gives us strategies to cope with this great emotional pain, which causes anxiety and depression.

If we follow this example, just like stopping lactose if we realize that we are intolerant, we must stop “consuming” those thoughts and circumstances that infect our emotional wounds.

Tapes and patches do not work: we have to wash and clean up.

In this article, we want to show you that these sensations related to emotional problems are normal.

Let’s get into the heart of the matter to understand and become aware …

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