Did you know that you should never eat tomato and cucumber in the same dish? The consequences are disastrous …

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Often when we decide to make a salad we take all the ingredients of our refrigerator and it is thanks to our inventiveness that we compose a delicious salad. But did you know that some ingredients do not absolutely go together and especially when we talk about digestion? Indeed according to Ayurvedic medicine it would be necessary to know the time of digestion of food before consuming them together.

The composition of a salad: not so easy!

Contrary to what we think, making a salad is not as easy as that. And especially when we talk about health. Combining foods that have fast digestion and others that have slow digestion does not mix well with the gut. This would cause a fermentation of food in the stomach that can cause many disorders in the body.

Indeed a slow digestion will cause the fermentation of starches and sugars which may give way to bloating, stomach pains or gases.

Among the elements that should not be combined together we can mention tomato and cucumber. These two delicious elements are absolutely not compatible for the stomach and can precisely cause fermentation, release acids in the abdominal cavity which will cause the onset of disorders of digestion.

You will discover in the rest of this article the other combinations that do not mix well:


1. Cheese pasta

Indeed, if it is the easiest dish to achieve when there is no time, it turns out not to get along well for the digestive system. The combination of proteins as well as starch will cause fermentation as well as digestive disorders.

2. Eat fruits after the meal

Eating fruit after the meal will cause fermentation of the latter which will cause acid reflux as well as many other digestive disorders.

3. Yogurt and fruits

The combination of these two foods will not only slow down your digestion but will also disturb your intestinal flora.

4. Banana and milk

A combination to ban because it will slow down the process of digestion considerably.

5. Melon and watermelon

These two elements must be consumed alone and not combine with other fruits.

6. Vegetables and cheese

The combination of vegetables and cheese may cause bloating.

7. Foods rich in starch with orange juice

Whether bread or pasta should not be consumed with orange juice because it can destroy the enzyme that digests starch.

8. Egg, meat and cheese

It is three elements that will bring you proteins but in too great a quantity, why you have to choose one of these three elements for a balanced meal.

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